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  1. Hello Lisa! Thanks for posting those pics, they're beautiful. How was the weather while you were there? I am considering Rockhouse (as well as Tensing Pen) for my small wedding in 2010. The dates that we're considering are late April or early May or late May. Did it rain at all while you were there? I've read on many weather sites that May is tends to be the rainiest month for Jamaica. From your pics it looks like the weather was great! What time of day did you take these pics? Thanks!!
  2. What about Zihuatanejo or Puerta Vallarta (Las Caletas) that are located close to Mexico City?? I found a few articles Zihuatanejo - Cruise Log - USATODAY.com Is anyone concerned about these areas for weddings? I'm considering both of these areas, but I really need reassurance that's it's safe. Am I the only one worried about these areas? I haven't seen anyone mention them on here. Can anyone offers any words of wisdom?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by leharris5 Carla, Once you set the date, put down the deposit, you and your guest can start reserving rooms. Just don't do anything until the coordinator gives you the go ahead and that's usually AFTER the get the deposit~ Hi Latoya! Beautiful wedding!! After looking at your pics I decided hands down, I want my wedding there!! Forget Mexico :-) What were the stipulations for the deposit (i.e is it a % of your total room bill etc)? Is it made in payments or one lump sum? Thanks!
  4. Okay, so I recieved this rough quote today from Laura. I'm still trying to decide on either the Hilton or PB Sunset Beach. I also got a quote from Carolina also, btw. Anyhoo--Do these prices seem exhorbitant? $10K for 20ppl, is that reasonable?? It seems high to me, (& it doesn't even include dinner because I hadn't chosen the menu yet) but of course this is only the first quote. Any thoughts?? Should I just hire all my own vendors? $2K for the wedding package seems a bit much for what they are including. Here it is: April 2010 20 people Location for ceremony (The Sunset Beach)$900 usd Ceremony will be at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach at 5:30 p.m. Location Fee $900 usd Ceremony Package # 2 (From 3 to 30 ppl)$2,235 usd This package to include : Wedding Ceremony performed by a Minister or Judge Decoration of the wedding area with seasonal flowers* Bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers* Boutonniere for the groom with seasonal flowers* One hour of live romantic music for the ceremony* Banquet Chairs with chair covers and ties* Set up fee Wedding coordinator assistance Tax and service inclusive *List of options to be provided Photography$TBD Options and pricing TBD Location for Cocktail hour (The Beach Gazebo)$800 usd Cocktail hour to be held at the Beach Gazebo from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Location fee : Complementary Pueblo Bonito to set up high cocktail tables with white linens for cocktail hour Drinks during Cocktail hour $660 usd 1 hour of domestic open bar with the following drinks to be offered to all guests during cocktail hour: Vodka: Smirnoff Ron: Bacardi Blanco or Bacardi Añejo Tequila:Buen Amigo Brandy: Don Pedro Gin: Gordons Domestic Cocktails: Margaritas, Mojitos, Daiquiri, Piñas coladas Wine : Red and White House wine Domestic Beer: Corona, Pacifico Soft drinks Juices and non-alcoholic cocktails Price $26 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 20 =660 Music for cocktail hour$826 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire a Mariachi Band (7 elements) to play during cocktail hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Price $650 usd per hour +10% federal tax +17% service = 826 Mexican Appetizzers$711 usd Pueblo Bonito to offer the following Mexican appetizzers to all guests during cocktail hour: •Shrimp taquitos •Pumpkin flower quesadillas •Pork Carnitas •Assorted Mexican Salsas •Corn Chips •Guacamole •Sausage and Potato Sopes Price $28.00 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 20 = 711 Location for Dinner (The Beach Gazebo)$800 usd Wedding Group to have dinner at the beach gazebo at 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Location fee $800 usd Set up fee $70 usd Pueblo Bonito to set up a long rectangular table for 20 people with white linens, regular banquet chairs with white chair covers and white ties, silverware, stoneware, glassware and table for the cake Set up fee $3.5 usd per person x 20 = 70 Dinner$TBD Menu, options and pricing TBD Drinks during dinner$1,321 usd Pueblo Bonito to offer 2 hours of domestic open bar with the following drinks during dinner: Vodka: Smirnoff Ron: Bacardi Blanco or Bacardi Añejo Tequila:Buen Amigo Brandy: Don Pedro Gin: Gordons Domestic Cocktails: Margaritas, Mojitos, Daiquiri, Piñas coladas Wine : Red and White House wine Domestic Beer: Corona, Pacifico Soft drinks Juices and non-alcoholic cocktails Price $26 usd per person per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 2 x 20 =1,321 Note.- Tequila shots will be offered for the toast Music for dinner$889 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire a Trio to play and sing romantic music during dinner for two hours from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Price $350 usd per hour +10% federal tax +17% service x 2 = 889 Fireworks $1,651 usd Pueblo Bonito to hire 5 minute show of Fireworks to start righ after the cake cutting Price $1,300 usd +10% federal tax +17% service = 1,651 Grand total- $10,863
  5. Hi All!! In the midst of all my research of ceremony sites I came across these two hotels. I've taken a look at both of their websites and what's confusing is that the pics posted on each site are very similar. In fact both sites even list the same restaurants (Pitahayas & De Cortez among others). How is this possible?? These aren't the same hotels, so how can they both list these restaurants? I believe the Hacienda del mar is located in Cabo and the Sheraton in the Corridor....am I correct? Can someone help me out with this, I'm confused!! Hacienda del Mar Vacation Club - Los Cabos Hacienda del Mar - Restaurant in Los Cabos 'Five-Star Diamond Award' winner for six consecutive years
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by mich999 Carolina is usually pretty good about getting back to you, so I would hang in there. Once you've booked a date, you're done with Carolina and you deal with the WC Jaira. She is not always immediately resposnsive but it's what I expected for the most part based upon this forum. I think she prioritizes and if you're wedding is 8 months away, she doesn't view things as an immediate priority to respond, but she does eventually respond. Everyone is extremely nice. Everything I read on this forum said that the Hilton may not always be the most responsive but on the day of, it's all worth it - I'll let you know in 3 months if that's true - I think it will be. My approach (and this would have been with any place I booked) was to do my own research on vendors (mostly thanks to this site) and negotiate and book things directly with them. I did ask Jaira for recommendations, but it took awhile for her to get back to me and by then I had already decided on photographer, my main concern. Since I felt the Hilton (like any other hotel) would be biased towards their own vendors and pricing, I wanted to do my own research and talk directly to people - this approach is not for everyone! I did use Hilton vendors for cake and flowers and musicians, though they are outside vendors that are also had good reputations on this forum and I never use the EC as an intermediary to explain my wants - I spoke directly to bakery and florist to plan out what I wanted. The Hilton was our No. 1 choice and we can't wait! Good luck! Mich999 thanks for the advice! Do you mind sharing who you used for your vendors? I agree, I prefer to speak with the vendors myself as well. As far as photogs I'm really particular which is kind working against me because we are on a tight budget! We may have to rearange somethings in order to get the quality pics I really want. Everything else I'm pretty flexible with like flowers, fancy dinner etc.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by nicole.gia Hi Leobunny! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I am excited you might choose the Hilton as your venue, it is SO beautiful! My fiance and I went to Cabo this past November (wonderful weather btw) and looked at about 6 different resorts and as soon as we walked on the premises of the Hilton we knew it was the one for us. Carolina Solis is the name of the coordinator/manager of weddings at the resort and I did deal with her to set my date and met with her in person when we visited the Hilton this November. She was great! I never had a problem getting a response from her, she was always very prompt with her emails (about a day or two) - she was always the quickest to respond to me out of all of the resorts. Maybe is is super busy right now? Hang in there, I promise it will be worth it! Good luck with planning and let me know if you need any help. I have menus but they are 2010 pricing...if you would like to see them though just PM me and I can send them to you. Cheers, Nicole PS - I live in San Diego too! Hello Nicole!! That makes me feel a little better about not getting a response to my last 2 emails I sent her last week. She did send me the menues and pics of the ceremony locations etc and a rough quote in her initial (first & only) email. It was quite pricey! But she added all kind of things in it, that we most likely will not need. I was thinking to save $$ maybe we could just have dinner at one of their restaurants?? What do you think is that a bad idea? Will it be too noisy or no privacy? It'll be a small group about 20ppl. Have you booked any of your other vendors yet? I've been contacting photogs and have gotten a few quotes back but still weighing my options. You still have some time left for your planning so that's good :-) I'm ALMOST contemplating on moving it to Jan of 2010 just so we'll have more time and also more $$ saved (we're paying for it all ourselves). Good luck to you also with your planning!! What part of SD are you from??
  8. Hi - I'm a newbie! We've narrowed our ceremony down to either Hilton los Cabos or Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach!! I think the Hilton is my top choice! We haven't yet set a date but most likely early Oct or Nov of this year! I'm so excited to have found this site/thread so I can get the real scoop on these hotels :-) I've sent emails to the coordinator at Hilton I belive her name is Carolina Solis. So far she seems to be very slow at returing my emails. I've asked her to call me and have yet to speak with her. So, that makes me a bit worried! :-(
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