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  1. Good Luck - I have now been on here two days straight - and am totally addicted to the site and figuring this all out! There is SO much information - if you wanted to you could totally plan the entire wedding from here!
  2. jac76

    Huatulco, MX?

    I would love to learn more about Huatulco weddings.... I'm undecided at this point between Tulum and Huatulco. My parents visited Huatulco on a cruise this past fall and loved it. Said it was the only place they really wanted to go back to sometime. I love the idea of it - as it's smaller etc. But just want for there to be plenty of things to do for the guests. Anyways... I'm in early stages so just happy there is such a great resource here and will continue to participate as things get figured out!
  3. Hi! This is something that is very important to me to! I LOVE the dances with Dad and the first dances at weddings... so for mine it will be a BIG decision. I am NOT a fan of country music, but I think that the most important thing is that it means something to you and your dad. The Billy Joel Lyrics are pretty good though!
  4. jac76

    New New New Newbie!

    I came across this site today in VERY preliminary research and LOVE IT! Will be using / posting / etc. for sure! My name - Jenna - and while we don't have a date YET, hope in will be late 2009 or early 2010 and in the Mayan Riveria... Tulum area specifically. What a great resource! Thanks, Jenna