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    Sand Ceremony

    Okay I am doing a sand ceremony and have go light blue/ turquoise sand to match our colours but I was just going to use sand off the beach for the other colour. Do you think I will have a problem doing this, I mean how will they know that i brought it or I took it from the beach?
  2. okay so I ordered I think the combo I ordered was called shauns somthing or other. I will let you know how they are, I had them shipped to my house here in Canada, i will see if I get them.
  3. surprise4us

    FS: 12" paper lanterns (white and turquoise)

    I will take them all! I will PM you right now!
  4. surprise4us

    FS - All My Destination Wedding Stuff

    Hi I would also be interested in 20 bottle openers, if the chapsticks aren't gone I would like those too. Also what did you use the bags for? I am in Canada as well can you let me know about shipping L2J 3z6 thanks
  5. surprise4us

    ROR Review; Pic Heavy

    Thank you so much for your review, you look beautiful. I can't believe that I only have a few weeks to go! I have a couple questions, Did you book your hair appointment before you got there or did you wait? Also how did you bring everything you needed, like decorations? Thanks
  6. surprise4us

    Sand Unity Ceremony

    haha seems like we all think about the same things!
  7. Loved your review thank you so much I only have a four weeks to go and I am working iwth Tia floral so I am excited to see what a good job they did for you, it looked amazing!
  8. Okay i really want to order these but I am now unsure of the colour,, I would like a fushia but I don't want to get them and they are wrong.
  9. surprise4us

    Post your centerpieces here

    okay how are you guys getting this to your destination? I start to get worried about how I am going to transport all this stuff, Feel like my bags are already full with oot stuff!
  10. I have two bridemaids and have bought both of their dresses, we also purchased the guys outfits as well, as part of their thank you gift, for coming so far and being a part or our day.
  11. Those are amazing!!!!! I love them, your eyes look soo good.
  12. okay that first one is great, I mean they all are but I love how your tatoo is featured!