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  1. There will just be the 6 of us; myself and husband to be, my 3 daughters and the fiance of my eldest daughter. So there was no need for anything more than the barefoot package and the wedding is on the 10th April so not long to go now.
  2. I'm not in Sydney i'm in Victoria just outside of Melbourne. I went to a few places today but still no luck so i think a bit more homework is called for... but yes ii would prefer to see them first rather than shop on the net Leigh
  3. Thanks ladies....yes i'm thinking they might be linen what i'm thinkin of. unfortunatly we don't have Macy's or similar here as i'm in Australia so i'll have to try and track down where i might be able to find them. Leigh
  4. I've been looking through a lot of the photo's and videos for Las Caletas weddings and i noticed that in them a lot of the men wore white or beige beachy type of pants that were like some kind of calico or similar looking material maybe even like a hemp. Does anyone know if there's a name for this style of trousers or what the material actually is? Thanks!
  5. Everyone who's posts i have looked at so far seems to have had beautiful full wedding but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Las Caletas barefoot package?
  6. Wow looks like a great day. Mine won't be as lavish as we're having the basic barefoot package. I'm also staying at Villa Del Palmar, how did you find that?
  7. Leigh_bc

    Hi all...

    I came across this forum while looking for information on PV weddings. My name is Lesley and I'm getting married hopfully at Las Caletas in April 09, any tips or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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