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  1. I also brought a bunch of stuff down with me and Chandlyn (or someone else from the hotel) packed everything up for me to pick up at her office the next day.
  2. Hey Dr. Brainfreeze Was there also a salad bar included with the BBQ menu. It looked like you had a bunch of different salads in your pictures. Where did you buy the paper bag candle holders that you had on the ground? I have been looking around for something similar. Thanks, Kristyne
  3. Hi Everyone, What is the dress code at ROR? I have only been told about long pants for men in some restaurants, with no reference to sandals at all? I would like to let our guest know before hand if they need to bring specific shoes or other items. Thanks for your help! Kristyne
  4. Hi Scott-Pierre Thanks for the great post and pics. We are getting married in exactly three weeks and we have also booked the poolside reception. I was wondering how many people there were per table? It looked like 6 in your pictures? Also the chairs and tablecloths were included in thr $55/person? I have read some other posts that discussed 15/chair and I was a little concerned about that. We are also going to rent the DJ equipment and bring an ipod I am so happy to hear that worked out well for you guys, and also that a mic comes with it. Last question is do you know if you can pay for ev
  5. Hey Ladies Just wondering if anyone knows if they use a PA systems or a simple cd player for the music. My brother is a musician and I was hoping he could play for our ceremony but there is no way to (cheaply) travel with a PA. If he could hook up to a system they already have there that would be perfect. Thanks for you help Kristyne
  6. Hey Kris, We are getting married on the 2nd, and I don't think we have anyone from the hospital in Belleville attending...sorry! Are you on the 3rd?? Time is flying only 6 weeks to go! Cheers, kristyne
  7. Does anyone know if the tables are decorated at all for the poolside reception, or will I have to bring stuff down with me? Thanks!
  8. I am also arriving on the 30th and would be super happy to take any of those items (if there are any left) We have exactly the same colour scheme! Please let me know if anything is available. I tried to pm you but I don't think I have enough points yet. You can email me at kwozney@trentu.ca and let me know. Thanks so much for offering! Hope you guys have an awesome trip! Congrats Kristyne
  9. Hey Ladies, Could someone please email em the price list kwozney@trentu.ca I can't open anything either. Thanks, Kristyne
  10. Hi Ladies, Can some please send me the catalogue as well kwozney@trentu.ca Thanks, Kristyne
  11. Hi Alberta bride You were such a beautiful bride and your pics are amazing! Did you use the photgrapher there? Did you upgrade your flowers? Our wedding at ROR is only three months away! Cheers, Kristyne
  12. Congrats I can't wait to readyour review and see your pics! We have a little over 3 months before we head to ROR for our wedding!
  13. User Name: kristyne Name: Kristyne and Jay Location: ROR Wedding: Feb 2 2009 in JA: 01/30/09 - 02/06/09
  14. Hey Everyone, My name is Kristyne and we are getting married in February 2010 at the riu Ocho rios in Jamaica. Any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, kristyne
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