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  1. Hey There!! I love your wedding symbol w/ the palm tree, your names, and your wedding location!! How did you design that? It's adorable!!! -Elizabeth
  2. Hi Moon Palace Brides! Can anyone share with me their experience w/ the Moon Palace DJ? I'm wondering if I should start a playlist of songs to give to the DJ or if they have a general idea of what to play.. Also, has anyone had their DJ also MC the reception, and if so, how did that work out? Were you happy with him/her? Any recommendations? 134 days til the Big Day! Wooohooo! =) Thanks, Elizabeth
  3. Hi! I'm new to this forum and was referred by my amazing photographer, Andrejka. Our wedding is September 18 in Cancun Mexico, and I'm starting to get worried. Are there any brides out there traveling to Mexico for their weddings this year? With everything that's going on (hurricane season in September, drug wars and terrorist attacks, and this new Swine Flu pandemic), I'm getting so scared that we're going to have to cancel/postpone our destination wedding. Any help/advice/words of wisdom from other brides out there would be so appreciated. I don't know what to do! Thanks all =) -Elizabeth
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