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    Flower Madness = Wedding Beauty

    My Work~ Fleur Jolie Designs~ Key West Florist
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    Key West vendors

    I have worked with the Ocean Key for many weddings I have done, if you have any questions Miss Sheri I'd be more than happy to help.
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    I don't know where to go

    ..any questions about Key West.. just ask.. I'm a local in Key West!
  4. Fleur Jolie

    Key West vendors

    Just another beautiful day in Key West!! Hope all of you Key West Brides are doing well. Natalie
  5. Fleur Jolie

    Key West vendors

    Ocean Key House has in-room jacuzzis in just about every one of their rooms, they also have ocean front spa rooms with an attached room in the suite that looks out over the ocean, you can have a massage done right their from your room with the most amazing view facing west over the gulf of mexico. Not to mention Chef Tim at the Hot Tin Roof (Ocean Key's Rest.) has one of the finest menus on the island as well as one of the most beautiful dining rooms and a terrace which with a view of the sunset. Rooms aren't cheap but worth every penny. If you are looking for something really inexpensive but nice and large I have a friend who works at a B&B on white st called Author's Guesthouse. They have a suite there which isn't on their website called the Poet's Suite (if you email her she will send you a picture) depending on the season it rents somewhere between $150-180 +tax per night. My suggestion would be to put all of your guests up at a place like Author's with rates ranging between (high season/winter) $135-$180. Have a conch tour train or trolley rented to take them down to the dock and you and your FI stay at the Ocean Key House. Great Events does all kinds of events with Fury, I have been on more than a few and they really have the boat thing down.
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    I think we have a winnnnnnerrr!!!!

    Congrats on your location decision and your upcoming planning trip!!
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    Junior Member?

    I went from a noob to a junior member today and then I posted a few more times and it said I was free to poll, I have no idea what that means.
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    where to get hitched in FL??

    Here in Key West we have several beaches that cater to weddings; Smathers beach is free and Fort Zack has reasonable sight fees. Several hotels have private beaches such as Pier House, Casa Marina, and Sunset Key.
  9. Fleur Jolie

    Key West vendors

    ...for music....Captain DJ Kelly, Soundwave Productions, and Kevin Wright.
  10. Fleur Jolie

    Key West vendors

    1. wedding cooridnator there are several amazing companies in Key West but my favorte is Kate Bentley from Happily Ever After 2. There are several great restaraunts that cater ie. camilles, mangoes, bagatelle, roof top cafe, la concha,(what type of dishes are you most interested in? there are also two main catering companies; Small Chef at Large and Great Events (both have excellent food but very different menus) 3. I am a local florist in Key West called Fleur Jolie. There are also three other florists we each cater to a very diifferent style and vary in prices. I strive to have the best quality at the lowest prices possible. Feel free to check out my website as well as my competetors; Love in Bloom, Flowers by Gilda and Mamas. 4. Cakes by Karol is by far the best way to go. Her prices are dead on and she really takes the time to work with you to create the perfect cake. Not to mention her cakes taste so good; there is also Croissants de France which is a little bit more in cost and a lot harder to get through with when it comes to planning. 5. Location is a big question. How many people? What is your price range? There are so many places to stay in Key West, I could point you in the right direction with these few answers. 6. I think the Pier House has the best set up for brides at their spa. There are also a few other salons I would reccomend Elena at Aveda Salon and Kurt at Headlines.
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    Newbie in Punta Cana

    Welcome to the Forum!
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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    Local Wedding Venues In Jamaica

    Welcome to the Forum!!
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    Congrats and Welcome
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    Forums really are the best source of knowledge and mothers too! Happy planning!