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  1. We used Cancun Studios for our wedding and TTD photographs - they were amazing! We used Photo/Foto Carribean for our video.
  2. Just married! We got married at the Grand Hotel Paraiso on September 5, 2009. Ladies, everything was perfect. I know how nerve racking it is to plan all of this from so far away but it all turns out just great. Many thanks to the other brides I talked to - Sarah and Stephanie - you guys were fantastic. Our WC, Martha was great. In the beginning of the process you do not e-mail a lot with each other but rest assured that she is a total pro and knows what she is doing. The ceremony, flowers, music, reception (cocktail and final) were exactly what we wanted. We did the programs ourselves (I saw some questions about this). We made paddle fans. Cancun Studios, Agustin Murillo, is amazing to work with. We did our TTD and 8 hours of wedding pics with him. My best to you all who are getting married at Iberostar. It will be fantastic!
  3. We are getting married at the Grand on September 5, 2009, cocktail hour and then reception at La Brisa. For the latter, we pay one fee - not per person. Maybe b/c that is we are getting married at the Grand. . .
  4. The Grand is magnificent. We are getting married there 9/9 and visited 8/8. We loved it and I recommend it above all others. The honeymoon villas are incredible but they are right by the jungle, off the beach, and a walk from everything else. Just an fyi.
  5. We are getting married there 9/5/9. We stayed there 8/8 and loved it. We had previously stayed, twice, at the Del Mar.
  6. Do you mean the Iberostar Grand Paraiso? If so, yes - 9/5/9. Can't wait!
  7. Looking forward to reading the posts and learning!