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  1. Our first dance song was originally "breathless" - Shayne ward YouTube - Breathless by Shayne Ward but now my fiance is saying it sounds too popish.. but I'm really fond of it now.. he really wants lifehouse - everything. I kinda feel as though it's too slow.. the lyrics are extremely beautiful though.. Has anyone heard of David Gray - this year's love?
  2. LadyTrunck - You look stunningly beautiful in the dress!!! wow. I lovee it!!!! and Lisa, no matter what color your hair is, you're going to make a beautiful bride.. it's all personal preference.. Don't forget to fill us in on your bachelorette party!!! can't wait to hear about it!
  3. It's snowing??!! Lisa, Have you worked everything out with the wedding coordinator yet? I hope so!!! I wouldn't worry, you're going to have the perfect wedding!!!!
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Shelk!!! Is anyone wearing a veil?? tiara? I was thinking of both, but I"m not sure if it's going to be too much. I love the idea of a flower though. how bout u guys?
  5. Thanks for all your help! Lisa, I can't believe you're getting married in 1 month and 6 days!! ahhh.. it's so exciting!! I talked to Ael, and because I'm only having 25 people coming to the hotel, i reserved to eat at chillis for 6:45 p.m, and she just emailed me saying that now I eat at 8:45 p.m.. Which i found really weird!! Josie...is the disco before or after your dinner?
  6. does anyone know what the difference is between a religious wedding/symbolic & renewal of vows is.. is there any difference?
  7. I was wondering what currency is the best to use in Mexico. I am a canadian, though I'm unsure if the cnd dollar is accepted in the Riviera Maya/Cancun. I hear pesos are great to have when in Mexico, but most places want usd. What currency is everyone else bringing or exchanging when they arrive in Mexico?
  8. Any anyone know if the Riu would let you ship your favors to the hotel before the wedding? I tried contacting them awhile ago, but they haven't gotten back to me.
  9. So, I'm having a symbolic wedding, and was curious to know if anyone knew if they still gave you a marriage certificate, with the signings. The reason I'm asking is that, my fiance has two best men, so he was going to have one that stood beside him, and the other one to sign the marriage certificate. but just wanted to make sure they actually had us sign something.
  10. I posted pictures awhile back... if you wanted to look at them. i think it's on page 107.. i posted the link.. hopefully it works. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...107#post946412
  11. Hey guys!! been away for a bit... ahhh, Lisa, I'm so sorry you're going through all this mess, I hope everything gets sorted out!! did you hear from Ael yet?? ahh, Josie, it does look like the disco is 1350 usd..i emailed her about a month ago.. and this is what she wrote me Hi June, I am glad to inform you that we can rent the disco (located at the RIU Yucatan) for your group. The cost is $1.350 usd and it includes the Disco with a/c, live DJ with full sound equipment and open bar for your guests for a total of 3 hours. Please bare in mind that there is no need for you to make the decision at the time, as I will be contacting you around 2 months prior to the big day to discuss everything in detail. In the meantime, please feel free to review our FAQ and thank you for choosing RIU Hotels & Resorts for your Wedding!!! Warm Regards, Ael Enciso RIU Hotels & Resorts Wedding Coordinator Playa del Carmen Tel +52 (984) 877-4200 ext 811
  12. Thank you Fallendragonfly for your great review & advice! it's so great to hear about other people's experience!!!! So, I only have 30 people going to our wedding, and since we're not having an ahr, we're going to rent out the disco at the Riu Yucatan. We were going to have a private reception at one of the restaurants, but the disco was a tiny bit cheaper. Ael sent me some pictures of the disco. So decided to post them. Sorry if they are a bit big!!
  13. Thank you so much for the awesome review & advice fallendragonfly!! it's great to hear experiences that people have been through. As for the reception, I plan on renting the disco, at the Riu Yucatan, because we do have less than the minimum amount, and it's a tad bit cheaper as well. Ael sent me some pictures of the disco though, I'm planning on decorating it a few hours before. here are the pics
  14. Desiree, thanks so much for the review!! So happy you had such a wonderful time! you looked beautiful. and how lucky were you to get the private reception!!! Josie, I loveeee lovee your invitations.. the starfish adds to the invitation as well!!
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