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  1. Marival Resort & Suites Nuevo Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta Hello, Has anyone stayed here? I've been calling 1-877-222-0302 since yesterday morning. Left a message and emailed with no response. Is this normal? I'm planning my trip for May and tried booking online through their website and after I submitted my contact info and credit card info I got an error page so I want to make sure I didn't book before trying again, however, it seems to be their customer service is not on point so I'm considering another hotel. Thank you!
  2. I'm getting married at a villa. Which one? I dont know. Going on a scouting trip in May. It is either going to be Nuevo Vallarta or Bucerias.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride Sure, suuuure you're not following me. *wink* I gotta pick your brain here. I did 2 yrs on PTU/thyroid suppressors. Nothing so far. My bloodwork has gotten better, but it's still way outta control. After you did the RAI/radioactive iodine, what was your experience with Syntrhoid exactly? I have one of those docs who isn't progressive and refuses to rx Armour..I looked into and I want it SO bad because I'm afraid I'll fall into that category of patients who don't respond well to Synthroid. With a wedding coming up in a year, the last thing I want is massive weight gain, fatigue and depression. Just wanna know what your response to Synthroid was. My endo only rx's synthroid or levothyroxine. Old school. I'm trying to freak or let that impact my decision to go ahead with the surgery, but it's hard. I feel like I may end up stuck yo yo'ing on medication that isn't right for me. To the best of my recollection. None of my symptoms went away. I had the weight gain. Depression. I would cry for no reason on my way home from work. Fatigue. I just wanted to sleep all the time. No sex drive. Hair loss. Joint pain. Anxiety attacks. Cloudy thinking. Muscle cramping. For me it was fatigue and thinking I was going insane PLUS it didn't help that my Endo Dr would blow me off and tell me that it had nothing with my thyroid because the blood work numbers were fine. I don't know if it is true by my Endo told me since I was hyperthyroid it was more dangerous to be hyperthyroid than hypothyroid, I trusted her and chose to take what I hoped to be a "magic" RI pill that would cure me. It killed my thyroid and now here I am, taking a pill every morning and every night. I think in most hypothyroid cases, well at least in mine they right Rx dosage seems to be a moving target. Although I must say with Armour I've been really stable. If I start crying for no reason, anxiety attacks, fatigue I know its time to go get it adjusted.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by SgtPepperette Basically I take a pill that has radioactive iodine in it, and it kills my thyroid through my bloodstream. So it completely burned out my thyroid. So now I am hypothyroid. My doctor put me on synthroid. Well its been almost two years and my levels jump around every month. My doctor can not get it regulated at all. I was interested in armour, but she was completely against it. Instead she put me on a T3 medication along with synthroid. I started to feel a bit better but still not great. Well she took me off that and now Im only on synthroid. Im in the process of finding a new doctor. My doctor also makes pretty rude comments, and doesnt truly take what Im saying in consideration. She treats me based on bloodwork, while I prefer to use those labs, and how Im actually feeling. At one point, she said your always fatigued. Its probably your diet. I would prefer a holistic doctor but most around me are really expensive, and have a long wait list. Im fatigued, like I could honestly sleep 14-16 hours a day. Weight gain comes on very easy, and is very difficult to lose. Weakness, muscle fatigue, and the list goes on. I feel so defeated by this. And question if I made the right decision with the iodine treatment at the time. It all happened so fast, that I didnt really research it as much as Id like. Its very frustrating! I can totally relate! I took a the RI pill and was tol 50/50 chance that it would cure my hyperthyroidism. Luck was against me since it completely killed my thyroid. I did Synthroid for many years and I think my dosage was adjusted every 2 months. I was seeing an endocrinologist, female. I would tell her I was fatigued, depressed, no sex drive, etc. It was as if I was invisible, if my numbers happened to be "ok" she would tell me it's not my thyroid my blood work showed I was fine. I felt stupid, like it was my fault somehow. Until I research and found out about Armour, I told her about it and she was against it. So I found a doctor that would prescribe it. I love my doctor now. He takes the time to ask me how I'm feeling. He takes notes about what I tell him. I'm doing much better now. But like on my previous post, I'm taking Alli to loose weight, and it has worked for me. I lost about 10-15 lbs, but I'm starting to feel fatigued again. I checked with my doctor before taking it and he said it was ok, but did tell me to check in after 1 month of taking to check my blood levels again, but I've neglected to do so, my fault. So its time to probably up the Armour dosage.
  5. Savannah.. I'm not following you.. LOL I responded to a post about Twilight and Rob Pattinson. Anyway, I was originally diagnosed hyperthyroid about 8 to 9 years ago. I did the medication to try and control or suppress a few hot nodules I think they called them for about 1 year. That didn't work so then they gave me radioactive iodine pill, which completely killed my thyroid. then, I tried synthroid felt awful. now i'm on Armour thryoid and I'm doing much better. I still haven't found my perfect dosage after. I have to go back and get my blood levels check because I've been on that diet pill Alli, which has helped me loose weight but I'm getting fatigued again which could mean my Armour thryoid dosage needs to be increased.
  6. Savannah.. I'm not following you.. LOL I responded to your post about Twilight and Rob Pattinson. Anyway, I have hypothyroidism but was originally diagnosed hyperthyroid about 8 to 9 years ago. I did the medication to try and control my overactive thryoid, I had a couple of hot nodules I think they called them, for about 1 year. That didn't work so then I was given a radioactive iodine pill, which completely killed my thyroid, leaving me hypothyroid. Then, I tried synthroid felt awful. Now I'm on Armour thryoid and I'm doing much better. I still haven't found my perfect dosage after a couple of years. I have to go back and get my blood levels checked because I've been on that diet pill Alli, which has helped me loose weight but I'm getting fatigued again which could mean my Armour thryoid dosage needs to be increased.
  7. I so loved the Sookie Stackhouse series! I read them before I read the Twilight series books. I really love the HBO show too! It closely follows the books. They tweak it here an there. I sooo love Eric! Well the book's Eric anyway. I can't wait for the 9th book "Dead and Gone" will be sold May 9, 2009! YESSS!
  8. I'm most def going to pick up the GQ mag. At first I thought he was ordinary looking but add that personality and I love love love love him. I liked the movie but it pales in comparison to the book. I agree the Edward in my head was so much more. AND.. I may get in trouble with this one. I don't like the Jacob in the movie, well scratch that. I like him in the first movie but not for New Moon. New Moon Jacob is like double Twilight Jacob, in my head he is anyway.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by BillysBride In order to appreciate Rob, you have to watch his interviews. I know that sounds dumb in a way..but believe me, it's true. He is so ..self depracating and totally anti-himself. He's brilliant, seriously one of the smartest people I think I've ever heard speak...talented (he sings BLUES, composes, plays both guitar and piano) and has a really great sense of humor. Watch...five interviews, and I guarantee you, you'll be ready to book a flight to London just to walk up and down the streets calling his name. lol It does not sound dumb, I totally agree! LMAO I watched a few you tube video's of Rob interviews and really liked him!
  10. Hi ladies, I'm considering villas in this area. Any recommendations? Is anyone familiar with this area? I'm told the best area to get married is Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias would be as good or a close second. Has anyone been there? What is the vibe like? Thanks
  11. Congrats! and welcome. I was a Cabo bride for like a minute. I too wanted May. Now I'm getting married in Puerto Vallarta! You'll find this forum so helpful.
  12. No, I haven't set a date yet! I'm such a bobble head! I go on every direction and I need to focus! I haven't done the probably first important things. I don't have a date, I don't have colors, I don't have a dress. I'm very tom boyish. I haven't been dreaming or planning about my wedding since I was a little girl. I wish I was girly like that, but I'm not! I've been with my fiancee for almost 8 years and he finally popped the question to my shock! I was really OK with just living with him. I told people he was the Steadman to my Oprah.. LOL I am leaning for October or November 2010. At first I wanted Cabo but it's pricier and seems very touristy I feel PV has more character. I know I love the we have direct flights!
  13. Wow! Thank you! I got engaged last Christmas and I can't decide on my color pallette I love all the colors! lol AND everyone asks me what my colors are and I just shrug and say I don't know. I think I need to decide this soon. I'm so in denial I'm getting married LOL.
  14. Thank you so much. Your insight has really made me feel better. I want the hand over the planning to a coordinator and since I'm completely handing over my trust I want to make sure it is to the right person and their team. I'm just a nervous nelly. I just need to make a decision. Believe me I get so annoyed with myself for over thinking things. I will look into Prisar Vallarta. Thanks again.
  15. Hi Ladies, I'm a newbie with not many posts, but I am a lurker! I tried searching for a thread but couldn't find anything. I am trying to decide between a coordinator from the US near my home. She doesn't have any experience with Mexico destination weddings or any destinations weddings outside the US. I've met with her and love her and her work. She is super organized and is great on email. With her I feel like she'll have my best interest and will have "my back" but am worried that since she's a newbie things may not go right, yet again I'm paying her so I don't know if things don't go write. I've also contacted Dazzling Details. I've seen their website read their reviews and love their work. I've even talked to Kristin and she is very like able, answers emails quickly, etc. I'm certain my wedding would come out gorgeous. Here are my concerns. All the wedding coordinators I've interviewed at home told me they wouldn't take my money and pay vendors, I would pay vendors directly. This way I can be sure they are not getting kickbacks and I know where my money is going. I've also read a lot in the posts about coordinators in Mexico getting a kickbacks from the vendors or inflating the costs of things. For example, a WC might say flowers are $500 and you call the vendor directly and find out they are really $200. My concern with Dazzling Details is that they take my money and use it to pay vendors directly. I've also read a post that a caterer costs $70 per person and DD charging $140 per person for the same caterer. Should I be worried? Or does the means justify the ends with DD? I'd have a gorgeous wedding. I don't know which WC to go with. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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