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  1. For Brian, we have to purchase a day pass for him, which apparently is $50US. But I figure it is worth it to get someone that comes recommended. I also heard that Michael's prices went up considerably in January, so I would double check the price lists which were posted on here earlier. Our wedding is really small (7 guests) and not really a reception, just dinner in the evening. We purchased the 3 hour package from Brian and since he lives so close to the resort, he said that we could split the package where he is there for 1 1/2 hours for the ceremony and family pics, and then would come back just before sunset to take pics of my FH and I on the beach at sunset. I thought that was great of him! I'll certainly let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi Krista, We actually went with an outside photographer who lives in the area, and came recommended. His website is Brian Design - Photography & Website Design by Brian Nejedly - Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Our wedding is March 9th, so I can certainly let you know how the pics turn out, but he has been great to deal with.
  3. Hi everyone, My FH mother passed away several years ago, but it has continued to be difficult for my FH dad. We wanted to include a part of his mom in the ceremony without it being so obvious that his dad would be upset. His mom's favourite flowers were yellow roses, so what we are doing is taking yellow rose petals and mixing them in with the sand for our sand ceremony. It will allow my FH to feel as though she is part of the ceremony without upsetting his dad.
  4. We are going there during March break which is the most expensive time. We are all booked in Junior Suites and our price was $1809/pp, so you should definitely be able to get in under $1500 for the regular rooms.
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    Hi Krista, Welcome, and don't worry I joined the forum only a month before my wedding! It is March 9th at the same hotel as you. There are lots of fabulous ideas and info about the resort on the forum, so I'm sure it will help. Juliet
  6. Thanks so much Christina. I really do like the purple and orange together. I was worried that it might be too much, but yours are gorgeous! Juliet
  7. Has anyone seen where I can buy the footless sandals that Shanny May posted a picture of? Thanks!
  8. Hi girls, Could really use some help here as I'm quite creatively challenged Bridesmaid/MOH dresses are a deep purple colour. Mine is white. I'm looking for something vibrant and colourful. Do you think that purple and orange look good together? I was thinking orchids and calla lilles. My daughter is also sprinkling rosepetals as she walks down the aisle (I'm not doing an aisle runner) so was thinking orange petals so they stand out against the sand. Here's a couple of samples that I like. Thanks for any help!
  9. Those were beautiful pictures..a real keepsake.. Congrats and thanks for sharing
  10. Oh my god, you guys are all sooo creative! I was determined to keep this a really simple wedding, (there are only 7 guests which are all immediate family), but you guys all make me want to do so much more...
  11. I'm planning on barefoot for the ceremony and then some gorgeous silver heels for the reception... my dress is fairly simple so I think barefoot is the way to go. Sstotz...I love that foot jewellry! Can you tell me where you got it? Thanks!
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