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    local Cabo Officiant? recommendations?

    Because the fiance and I are likely to be civilly married in Canada it would mean a great deal to us if our wedding in Cabo was performed by an active Minister. I was doing some googling and heard of a Mike Gratzke of the (non-denominational) English Church in Cabo. Has anyone had any dealings with him?
  2. TorontoGirloutWest

    Cabo Azul

    You should get in contact with the weddings people. I just returned from a vacation at Cabo Azul and have decided to get married there. It was gorgeous!!!!!!!! The hotel staff could give you an excel estimates sheet for you to work with if you are seriously considering having your event there. But yes that may not be enough. The alcohol consumption costs are a min. of $47.50/person and the food consumption (I'll have to double check on this figure) was about $65.00/person. We were crunching numbers with my fiance and we anticipate a wedding with 40 guests will cost us about $10,000 USD. But that's including practically everything. Having looked at the place I can say it's EXCELLENT value for the money. And the food is outstanding. I can't wait to have my wedding there! Maybe you should get in touch with the staff to discuss your options. All the best!!!
  3. No problem - my pleasure!!! I have some awesome pics from Milamores too but I'm hesitant to post them since I think you have that one covered! lol
  4. A rather large tub! I think that about wraps it up for me. As I noted it's a nice resort that would do a lovely job on any wedding. But it wasn't what I was looking for. It didn't call to me. If that makes any sense . . .
  5. One of the spacious and modern rooms!
  6. View from inside the yoga studio - and yes it was humid! lol
  7. Underneath one of the palapas. This is another even option. They can string decorations on the ceiling like the lanterns you see here.
  8. View of the pool and the swim-up bar
  9. The view of one of the villa type buildings that hold the rooms.
  10. This would be the view from the beach ceremony location. Pretty lovely!!!
  11. This is the beach area most commonly used for ceremonies.
  12. More views of the "beach" area. It's important to note Blue Tulum doesn't have a real beach. It's a concrete area with sand on top of it. As long as you know that going in you should be fine!
  13. The view from the same area . . . the ocean is a beautiful colour in Tulum!
  14. This was one of the areas that could be used for a ceremony or other wedding events. They can cover the jacuzzis and create a really cool space there.