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  1. CONGRATS! I am also going to be a Sandals Negril bride. We are getting married there Feb 6 2010. It's so exciting isn't it!
  2. Thank you so much everyone! I know it's up to your own personal preference but I like to hear about other experiences before I decide since I really do love both resorts! As far as Sandals goes, if I have a private reception dinner, is there a $500 charge per table plus the $75 pp? At CSA can you have a private reception?
  3. Hi everyone! My fiance and I are getting married in Negril. Jamaica in Feb 2010. I was just wondering the differences between Sandals Negril and Couples Swept Away. We are having a hard time deciding between the two. What made you chose one over the other? Thank you and I apologize if this topic was covered already!
  4. Hello 2010 Brides! My fiance and I are getting married feb 2010 in Jamaica. We have narrowed it down to two resorts but can not decide. Not only is that frustrating but we are still waiting on 2010 rates to come out. So right now I am kinda stuck waiting. But either way I am so excited and can not wait to send out my STDs! Congratulations everyone and happy planning!
  5. Hi Everyone! My fiance and I just decided to get married in Feb 2010 in negril Jamaica. We are still deciding on a resort ( either Sandals Negril or Sunset at the Palms). I'm so excited! Congats everyone!
  6. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! I am also getting married in February 2010 in Jamaica!
  7. Hi! I am also getting married in Jamaica and having the same issue with the photographer. I do believe that Grand Lido does allow photographers and outside vendors. My travel agent told me about the charge at Couples and also informed me that Sandals does not allow outside vendors. We really want to get married in Negril so we were looking into Moondance villas, Grand Lido, Riu Tropical Bay, and The Caves. They all allow photographers. Hope that helps! In the forum there is a section dedicated just to Jamaica and there is a lot of info on different resorts that might help as well. Good Luck!
  8. Congratulations and welcome! It really is overwhelming at first and I believe the two hardest parts of planning a destination wedding are picking the destination and resort. There is tons of really good information on this forum. I t actually took my fiance and I two months to pick a destination and we are still unsure of a resort! Good Luck and happy planning!
  9. Welcome! I recently went to a bridal shower where they asked the bride questions about the groom. Every time she got an answer wrong she had to chew a piece of gum and eventually ended u with a huge amount of gum in her mouth. It was actually really funny. They also played present bingo. We received an empty bingo card and you filled in presents you thought she was going to receive. If she got the present you cross it off your card. If you got three in a row you won a prize. I know these do not have anything to do with your theme but maybe you could switch them u a bit. Good luck!
  10. Congratulations and welcome to the Forum!
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