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  1. Hi Everyone, I have heard so much about this site so thought I'd get on and see what it is all about and see if I can get any help or suggestions for my wedding. We are hoping to have our wedding at Dreams Tulum and looking for anyone that has been there and can share there thoughts and opinions on the resort and what they have on weddings, etc. Any suggestions or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tracey
  2. Thank you! Haven't made any decisions yet, though thinking Aruba, Mexico or possibly Barbados. Tough to decide. My Future Sister In-Law is getting married Nov 2009 in Dreams Cancun so I can't wait to see what it will be like there to get some ideas. Hope to get some from the site as well.
  3. Hello My name is Tracey and I just got engaged on Christmas Eve 2009. Very excited and can't wait to get married. No details yet on when or where, though we are aiming for 2010. Welcome any and all advise on best Destination places to look into. Hoping to find a place that is all inclusive and has a lot to do. Look forward to brwosing the site and getting tips from all of you. Thank you Tracey
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