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  1. I'm not sure about any of you other ladies, but I've been stuck inside for 3 days because of an ice storm. It is very hard to be motivated to exercise and I just want to eat all the time At least it has been good for wedding-related tasks!
  2. I follow the Hip2Save blog too and went and picked a few up today.
  3. Has anyone used theweddinglens.com as a photoshare site for guests to share wedding pictures? I was originally looking at all of the free photosharing sites (photobucket, flikr, shutterfly, etc.) but came across this one and think it might be worth the cost. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with it... Thanks!
  4. Just sent my initial weight and "before" picture! It is not pretty! Good luck ladies!
  5. Thanks for sharing! We are planning on purchasing our OOT bags this weekend!
  6. I want to participate too! I leave for my wedding on March 19th, so it's crunch time! Thanks for organizing! Cassie
  7. Hi girls! I am getting married at Sandals Emerald Bay on March 19th! We are doing the Beautiful Beginnings theme with 3 hour private reception.
  8. When are you all planning on sending out your invitations? I sent out our save the dates last April, and was thinking about sending the actual invitations around Christmas. Just wondering what others were doing...
  9. mistibuard-We were seriously considering getting married at Beaches T&C but ended up deciding on Emerald Bay (even though it is crazy expensive). Right now we're just going with Beautiful Beginnings. What about you?
  10. Hi girls! I'm getting married March 19 at Sandals Emerald Bay! I'm currently working on my DIY invites.
  11. Hi Julie! I'm getting married at Sandals Emerald Bay in March. I don't really know much about the islands, though I'm glad to see someone else who is considering getting married in the area. What resorts/locations are you looking into? Cassie
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamaican_Smile We just got back from our wedding at Sandals Negril and I have to say that we are SO glad we did the 2 hour private reception dinner. We had a large group (34) so getting a table at the restaurant wasn't even an option. The staff did such an amazing job and I dare say that the food was even better than what you would get in the restaurant. The only thing that we added was the lantern decor from the Flutter of Romance package and we're so glad we did! It was beautiful. Check out the pics here Let me know if you have any questions! Your pics are beautiful! I want my wedding and reception set up exactly like yours. You said that the only thing you added was the lantern decor from Flutter of Romance. Did you bring your own table decorations or were those Sandals things? Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. Wow Jennifer! Thanks for the great review and info. I can NOT wait until my wedding there! I'd be interested to hear from anyone who actually gets married there. I'm sure there will be someone who gets married before us as our wedding is not until next March. Thanks again! I loved looking at the pics!
  14. Yay! I can't wait to see pics and here more about the resort! I'm getting married there in March 2011. What are the location options for both the ceremony and the reception? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I just went to a friend's wedding this past weekend at Couples Negril It was beautiful!
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