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  1. Hi All, I just returned from Cabo and our wedding on June 22 at RIU Palace was perfect! Here is a breakdown of the experience; Arrival: RIU arranged our transport from the airport, we arrived and got right into our room which was on the small side but had a great view. Later that night we received a note from WP Daniella welcoming us and reminding us of things to do. Blood Test/Photography: We were scheduled for our blood test the same day we were to meet with Mango Photography and Daniella to set the details. We went to the Dr's office at the scheduled time and he was nowhere to be found. After an hour of asking and calling around we found out the Dr was not coming in that day, he had expected us the day before. 2 hours later we returned to the Dr's office to find a woman ( hopefully a nurse, but probably a civilian) who drew a tiny bit of blood, it took about 15 minutes. We never received any report about the results...but they married us. The meeting with the photographer was short, he didn't bring any sample pics to look at but did help us decide to move our reception time from 8:45pm to 6:45pm, which was great since the wedding was at 6:00pm. Meeting with WP: Daniella reprinted all the documents we had emailed each other and went over all of our choices and how the day would go. We had the wedding rehearsal on Saturday, it went really quickly and everybody got a general idea of what to do on the big day. Wedding Day: The whole wedding party had our hair done at Suzanne Morel Salon in Cabo. The salon was great, but kind of hard to find. Usually they come to resort, but RIU doesn't allow it so we had a hard time getting directions but the concierge was very helpful and the salon was only 15 minutes or so, right behind Office Depot and Cabo Flowers. The ceremony was supposed to start at 6:00pm, but the officiant was late. The ceremony was right on the beach about 100ft from one of the pools, we had quite the audience watching the whole thing. The ceremony was short, but you have to stop half way through and sign and fingerprint a bunch of paperwork. After the ceremony we took pictures on the beach, they turned out great! Reception: We chose the Mar de Cortes Steakhouse for the reception, it turned out really nice and there was only 1 other big party in the restaurant so it felt like we had it to ourselves. We ate, had cake and did our first dance and were out of there by 8:45pm. After dinner we went upstairs to La Ventana bar and did the garter and bouquet toss. Everything turned out better than I expected, I would highly recommend getting married at RIU Palace Cabo!
  2. cabobride6/22

    Hair and Makeup at RIU Palace

    Thanks so much! I just emailed Suzanne Morel, does anyone know where she is located? Is she close to the RIU Palace? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have less than 2 months to go and just got an email from Renova Salon at RIU Palace. Has anyone had their hair and makeup done by them? Any advice? I definitely want to get my hair done, but am not sure about makeup. Thanks! Brandi
  4. Ahhh! Daniela has my wedding confirmed for June 12!! We won't even arrive in Mexico until the 16th, I hope it is a clerical error I am waiting for another email back from her. Thanks for the info Melinda234, I am sure we will run into each other on the beach! Brandi
  5. Thank you for the advice! I just emailed Daniela, hopefully she has my reservation!!
  6. Hi, I am getting married June 22, 2009 and am wondering when I should expect an email from a wedding planner at RIU. I have been corresponding wit Paola with questions, but haven't received any info from her yet? What choices will I make before I go? Do I need to contact the photographer? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Brandi
  7. cabobride6/22

    Getting Documents Translated to Spanish

    I am getting married at RIU Palace in June, and am planning on using a translations service like ASTA (google birth certificate translations) they only take a few days and can send it all electronically, for all the documents it will probably be around $300.
  8. Hi, I have found some cute, name brand things at ROSS Dress for Less. They carry upper end brands and since Valentine's Day is over they should have lots to choose from. Good Luck!
  9. Hi! I am getting married at RIU on June 22, 2009. We are so excited, it looks gorgeous and I have heard great things. Recently RIU cut hotel prices by almost 30% on their website. I called the 1-800 number and they gladly refunded the difference, we saved almost $700! Brandi
  10. Hi! Has anyone been married at a RIU resort in Mexico? I am getting married at RIU Palace in Cabo in June and am wondering about the wedding ceremony being in Spanish. How will we know what is being said? How do we know when to say I do? Did anyone write their own vows? Thanks!
  11. cabobride6/22

    JUNE 2009 BRIDES post

    Yay for June 2009 brides!! We are getting married June 22, 2009 at RIU Palace Los Cabos, Mexico. I still have a lot to do and it is coming so quickly! I am still on the lookout for some unique invites...any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Hi Jerome, Your photographs are gorgeous! I am getting married at RIU Palace on June 22, 2009. Do you do all of their photography? Can you give me any information on picture packages? Thanks! Brandi
  13. Hi, I am keeping my name for the time being. My fiance and I have also been together for almost 9 years, but he thinks me keeping my name is fine-he wouldn't want to change his. I have had mixed reactions from people I have told, I like my name and don't see any reason to have to have a new one. Maybe if I have kids I will change it, but for now it will stay. Good luck!
  14. I think I have looked everywhere and cannot find an invitation I love. I am looking for something modern and tropical for our Cabo Wedding. Do invitations need to be the same as our wedding colors? Our colors are blue and brown but I want brighter tropical invites! What do you think?