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  1. Julia, How wonderful! I'm happy to hear it! You will truly love the wedding coordinator (Paola Martinez), the site, the resort...everything!! Below is a link to the photographer I used, there are tons of pics from this area in Costa Rica, if you go to see all the albums. Album View - Lifetime Digital Imaging We did our wedding in the Isle de Mitra, which is different than the gazebo; you will see on the photographer's website some great pics of the ceremony location. I loved it! It is just off the water, so you can hear the water and take pics on the beach...but, no wind and sand messing up your hair It is rainy season while you are there as well, so it is nice to know that you don't have to worry about that. As far as the favors, I did rafia fans with blue ribbon tied around the handle and orchids on the handle in each seat at the ceremony. Then, each guest had an individual gift bag when they arrived to the resort. I did straw beach bags for the girls filled with lip gloss, fancy shampoo/conditioner/lotion, first aid kit, body butter, peducure kit, personalized cups with the date and location (they also changed color when cold which was cute), toys for the pool ie: beach balls, floaties (hightly recommend the floaties), and all that stuff. Then in the guys there was, shampoo/cond/lotion (different kind, Jcrew sample size), cup, water guns, first aid kit, chapstick, and other small guys stuff. In all the bags I put a post card from Costa Rica, and M&M's that we had personalized, as well as Cocktails for dummies and Spanish for dummies little books. Hope this helps. The bags were quite the hit, and a TON of work, but very appreciated. I did personalized thank you cards on each one to each guest and then the wedding coordinator delivered them to the rooms before the guests arrived. It was great!
  2. Those are about the going rate. I just want to warn brides, there is a HUGE difference from the Occidental and the Paradisus. The location and the facility are very different. The Paradisus is on a level of thier own. The Occidental is your basic all inclusive. I have visited both, and the difference between the two is just to vast to try to compare. Just research both on your own, this is my personal opinion.
  3. Graciela, I just viewed your pics, and they are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!! ~Colby
  4. So glad everything got taken care of and that everything was great! I'm so happy for you guys!
  5. I just had my wedding at Paradisus Playa Conchal in Costa Rica, and it was more than anything I could have wanted. The beach is beautiful for miles. We were upgraded to an ocean front suite, and we paid for the royal service, which was truly great. You have your own butler, and they are fabulous! They drew hot baths filled with flowers, picked us up personally, knocked on the door for wakeup calls, and made reservations and suggestions for the resturants. The service, the facility and the location were wonderful! If I could do it all again, I woudn't change a thing. As far as the wedding coordinator, I can't say enough. Paola Martinez, she hand delivered all of my gift bags to each guests rooms, and answered the phone each time I called, and any request I made was never turned down. She was more than amazing. I hired Costa Rica Weddings for my photographer, and Fernando was just as great. He handled the guests wonderfully! We got some wonderful pictures, and I can't wait to see his. He was there exactly when he said he would be, and stayed through the cocktail/hor'dourve party. He was great, I would highly recommend him. His website is: Costa Rica weddings, getting married in Costa Rica, Costa Rica wedding photography, destination weddings I have pictures on my website under the photo gallery. Enjoy and good luck! Colby & Rob - wedding website by mywedding.com
  6. Soon2bepowers, I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your wonderful wedding. I hope everything was what you wanted and more. Our wedding turned out great in Costa Rica, and at least everyone was able to attend. Can't wait to hear from you ladies. Best Wishes, Colby Colby & Rob - wedding website by mywedding.com
  7. Great to hear from someone else! I am leaving tomorrow, so I'm sorry if this is shorter than you wanted...but, I will promise to get you more info when I get back. 1st--Yes, Paola the wedding coordinator is fabulous! Not only is she responsive (which I didn't have when I was planning in Mexico), she also suggests things that you might have forgotten or overlooked. 2nd--I went with the Fantasy package, which inclueded the 1 hour cocktail party, ceremony for up to 20 guests (I have 41 guests), so you just pay additional for each guest. I did do a reservation at one of the resort restaraunts, for the night prior for wedding party and family. (no charge for this, set menu and Paola made the reservation). I wanted to save $$ yet, have something a little more for the family. 3rd--I went with Costa Rica Weddings for the photography, I read review after review for this...trusting they are good. They did get back to me right away, and have been very helpful. They have decent packages as well. The website is: Lifetime Digital Imaging - Wedding Albums 4th--I am not doing an open bar at the cocktail party/hor dourve party...I felt this was a waste of money...I am doing just what they offer with the package and then after the 1 hour cocktail party we are all going to the club at the resort called the Azul, it was recommended by Paola. I hope some of this helps...I will make sure to post pictures and things when I'm back. Below is our wedding website as well. ~Colby Colby & Rob - wedding website by mywedding.com
  8. Just wanted to say hello to everyone...I'm getting married in Costa Rica on June 5, 2009 at the Paradisis Playa Conchal Resort. I'm excited, and looking forward to it...only two weeks until we leave!! I've done lots of research if anyone needs some insight....and any advice is always welcome!
  9. Ma ung Thank you for the link, it was very helpful. I'm getting married in Costa Rica in June, after rescheduling/moving from Mexico....thank you!
  10. I'm having my wedding at the Paradisis Playa Conchel on June 5,2009; after rescheduling/moving it from Playa Mujeres b/c of flight issues with the Swine Flu. It was a mess, but it is all in place now. The resort looks beautiful, and Paola the Wedding Coordinator has been truly fabulous in helping me with all the details. The only thing I haven't booked is the photographer, still working on that....but, the prices were very similar to Mexico, and the flights were only $15 more for us here in Houston. Hopefully some of this helps....
  11. Ladies, I just R/S everything from the Valentin to Costa Rica...not because I wanted to....but, my Fiance is Canadian, and his family's flights with AirCanada and Air Transit all got cancelled. And they only fly out on Saturdays....so they would have missed the wedding. So, we thought we could fly them to the States and then over. But, then realized with numerous jobs over there, if you go to Mexico you will be "quarantined". We couldn't allow that. So, after TONS of work over the weekend and lots of debate we moved everything. All of our flights, and rooms were all credited back to us. My TA has been really helpful. I went with Ellen Paderson at DestinationWedding.com, she handled alot of it. Continental Airlines has also been extremely flexible with us. The only one (that my sister booked through), Funjet.com and Orbitz.com; said they will not credit her nor work with us on the situation. "Thier Appologies". Long Story short...we sent an email out to guests yesterday, and I'm sure I'm going to be bombarded with phone calls and emails today. Hard decision, because we felt we were doomed if we moved it and doomed if we didn't. Either way, one side of the families was going to be affected. Good luck to you ladies. I'm sure everything will be beautiful.
  12. I have been to Roatan, and it is beautiful and that resort is beautiful. I'm worried too, and my FI flights just got cancelled out of Toronto. Still thinking for now....
  13. Great information guys! I'm getting mixed messages, and a bit frustrated as well, but at this point only 44 days to go, I can't do a whole lot about it. I did hire a large TA, that says they have "pulling power"....so, I will use that if needed, and I also am going to print out all emails. I emailed last week, and was told by Lupita that Alana no longer works there, so that is frustrating too.... Thank you both for all of the information. I sent an email pic of a cake I like, and haven't heard back if it can be made or not, and if there is additional cost, as soon as I hear, I will let you guys know.
  14. Beautiful pictures!! I love the dress as well, I'm sure it will sell quick! Congratulations on your wedding!!
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