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  1. Okay, I feel TERRIBLE about this...I found a luggage tag template on this site and now I have no idea where I found it....So if anyone knows where this originated please let me know so I can give proper credit!


    These tags are for everyone going on our wedding cruise. On one side is a personalized photo, and on the other side is their name, phone number and our wedding logo (don't have photoshop to black out numbers so can't post that side yet). I asked for pictures from the guests but only one person responded so I got most of the pictures either from my own collection or from myspace and facebook. Each one represents something special to that individual guest (some of them are silly/funny and others are sentimental).


    I am sending these out along with a little poem (printed on free business cards from Vista Print) reminding guests to get their passports and to put their final payments down on the cruise.


    This is my first attempt at a photo so I apologize in advance if it doesn't work!Click the image to open in full size.

  2. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Prettyhazardous View Post
    OK now that I have opened the box im not as excited, I'm actually disappointed. I ordered the hibiscus bags and they seem to be cheap (i mean clearly the price was cheap but I expected better quality, don't ask why lol) I will keep them tho. The material just isn't one that I think ppl would wanna use to carry around on the islands, oh well .
    I got the hibisucus bags too, and I do agree that they aren't the best quality. However, I think for the price (you really can't beat it) they're cute and will at least be good for using as a "pool bag." Plus, I've read on other posts that a lot of people ended up regretting spending a lot on the nicer bags since people didn't use them anyway. So I think overall they'll be great and your guests will appreciate them! :)

    My big problem now is that they are kind of big so they seem really empty. I need some large but cheap items to add!
  3. Quote:
    Originally Posted by kerbear99 View Post
    I saw on a post that someone was going to ask the Stewards on the ship to hand them out but first going through the Pursers desk. It's an idea anyway, just thought I would put out that idea.

    I'm cruising Carnival so I'm sure it depends on who you're sailing with...but I talked to them yesterday and they said I could either a) ship the bags ahead of time to them (through their specified shipping company) and then pay an additional fee to have them put in rooms, or B) bring bags on board and pay $1 a cabin to have them put in rooms. With option "b" they said the bags would be in the cabins around dinner time.

    I think I might just decide to give them out at dinner myself...
  4. I am doing a wedding on the ship (Carnival Inspiration) while still in port. That way we can have guests attending who are not cruising. About 30 guests will stay on and cruise with us. I personally LOVE the idea of doing a cruise wedding because it is so much less stressful than doing it any other way. The cruise takes care of everything so I only have to do the fun stuff (like my DIY projects). Let me know if you have any specific questions about doing the ship wedding...

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    Originally Posted by Gail View Post
    when i try to upload image from google images to vista it says resol to low and shows blurry- anyone have this probhuh.gif?

    Where did you all find luggage tags- i have been looking at michaels and mine don't carry clear ones

    thanks guys
    I had my luggage tags done at Staples. I was originally going to get the self laminating tags, but when I went to buy them one of the staff members showed me how nice it looks when you get them to do it. I'm sure it costs more (I think about $1 each), but they turned out looking really professionally done.
  6. Has anyone had any problems with VistaPrint? I've placed a few orders with them and didn't notice anything weird, but today I tried to order and my computer told me that VistaPrint's security certificate had been revoked. It recommended that I shut down the site. I googled about it to see if I could find any information and I found a ton of complaints on ConsumerAffairs.com (things like being charged monthly for memberships people didn't sign up for, and personal information being shared with third parties...). Does anyone know anything about this?


    Consumer complaints about VistaPrint.com

  7. So far, I plan on...



    OTC hibiscus bags

    Welcome brochure and "meet the guests" info (free through Vistaprint)

    OTC hibiscus room card holders

    mini bottles hand sanitizer (Clearance sale at Bath and Body)

    Spanish phrase books ($1 bin at Target)

    Sudoku puzzle books ($1 bin at Target)

    Playing Cards

    mini cruise-aid kit (advil, bandaids, sunscreen, lib balm, anti-nausea med, gatorade packet, aloe...possibly in organza bag...)


    personalized water bottles (might get labels from OTC)

    Postcards to send home(from Vistaprint)

    "Share your photos" card

    personalized cabin door sign

  8. Quote:
    Originally Posted by beachbride2009 View Post
    So I'm wondering if anyone has ordered OOT tote bags from Oriental Trading...I am interested in the large tote hibiscus ones, but are we able to specify what colour we want or do we just get an assortment? And is it the same with the Large bright tote bags at OT as well? Thanks!

    I ordered those hibiscus bags, and also the smaller coin purses (we're doing a cruise wedding and the room key/cards will fit perfectly). They just send you a random assortment so I don't think you can order by color. You could always call and ask though.
  9. With the cruise first aid kits, I was thinking I might skip them since you can always get everything you need from the nurse's station on the ship...But if I was going to do one I'd do bandaids, tylenol/advil, and Pepto/Rolaids. I might also get a few of those motion sickness patches to give out before the cruise in case anyone is worried about getting seasick. I can't remember the name of them, but it's the kind that you wear for the whole trip. It worked well for FI and best friend last cruise.

  10. Bringing a photographer on my cruise is definitely out of the budget...So I guess if I was only going to do it in our port (only one day!), it would probably be really rushed and stressful and take up the whole day...aside from costing a lot of money.

    Okay...I'm thinking TTD is out.


    Oh, and Etsy rocks! I love that site!

  11. I'm sure it totally depends on what your tasts/preferences are, but according to "The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions"...


    "Before you do anything else, consider how much music you want played. Depending on how long an/or complex your ceremony will be, you may want several selections for the prelude (before the wedding begins), a processional and recessional, plus one or two additional selections during the ceremony itself- or you may just need a few snippets of music for when you walk in and walk out."


    My ceremony is on a cruise ship so we're keeping it simple. One song for seating (prelude), a processional and a recessional.

  12. It really does seem like a big expense, but everyone's pictures look so good! I was going to check out Ebay for something worth trashing.

    But I don't even have my regular dress picked out yet so I guess I'll see how much I end up spending on that.

    I love this forum but sometimes I think it just makes me want to spend more money on things I never would have thought of before!

  13. I am struggling with this same issue and still don't have a good solution. We want to keep things small (immediate family and local friends), but now some extended family are upset that they aren't being included, and also that they didn't get a formal announcement (my mom sent a mass email). However, some think it is rude to send a formal announcement (my aunt said it would be like "rubbing it in" that they aren't invited...she also said this would imply that we want a gift).

    I don't want people to feel obligated to make the trip OR to send a gift, so I'm really wondering if I should just call people individually instead of sending something formal.

    I think this is the most stressful part of planning so far!

  14. Okay so I had never even heard of a TTD (trash the dress) shoot until getting on this forum. Now I feel like this is something I should be doing! We're on such a tight budget ($10000 for EVERYTHING) that we aren't doing an engagement shoot, and I doubt we're going to get a lot of the posed photos from the ship photographer (they're so expensive and I'm not a fan of the posed ship photos in the first place).


    So now I'm thinking I want to at least see how much it would be to do a TTD while in port at Cozumel.


    Are any other cruise brides doing a TTD?


    Or any other brides know a good photographer in Cozumel?

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