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  1. Michelle: Thanks for the awesome suggestion. I don't know why I never think COSTCO! You are right they have a florist and much more. Thanks again!
  2. Hello: Our 09/09/09 wedding is quickly approaching and we have just about everything arranged except a Videographer and Florist. The Venue can provide Flowers, but I wasn't too thrilled by what they offered. Their centerpiece arrangements are okay, but I wanted something with a little more Pizzazz! To tell the truth, since we are having a destination wedding, I am not really to spend a lot of money on flowers that no one will be able to enjoy after the reception, but I want something that will make a statement. As for finding a Videographer, I haven't had much luck. I did have one person in mind, he sent me a copy of his work and after viewing his work my FI and I wanted to go with him, but I have reached out to him on numerous occasions, without success. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
  3. Thanks for the info! The prices are great! I will look forward to future post to see how happy those are who decide to purchase.
  4. Thanks! I am so looking forward to our Honeymoon! I have a funny story. My FI Cousin is getting married on 4/18. I have been exchanging e-mails with his FI. She doesn't know where she is going for her honeymoon because her future FIL is a travel agent, so it is a surprise wedding gift, but I know it to be some sort of cruise to the islands. So, she asked where we are going for our Honeymoon and I told her and sent her a copy of the itinerary. I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HER SINCE, THAT WAS 2 FRIDAY'S AGO...LOL.
  5. Phil was my first choice, but he was already booked to wed a couple at the Grove for 6pm on the 9th. We are getting married at 5 pm. After he told me he was booked, I started my search, and remember my friend is a minister, but later found out that she isn't ordained yet. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hello: I am in search of an Officiant to marry us in Las Vegas. I would have been thrilled if my girlfriend was able to marry us, but she will not be ordained by the time of our wedding so that's a no go. Can anyone suggest an Officiant? I am getting married on 09/09/09, it is said that it is a popular day, so I would like find someone as soon as possible. Thanks.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by GracieBebe You're kidding!!! I give you mad props cuz I don't think I would be so good if FH wanted to invite his ex. Funny coincidence, FH also dated his ex for 10 yrs (since high school) before things ended very badly between them. Because she was a freshman when he was a senior, he was basically the only guy she ever had been with and knew that when she hit about 24 or 25, she wanted to see what else was out there and explore her options. So, things kinda ended pretty badly between them. So since she was the one to leave him, I always wonder if she were ever to want him back, what would happen. I mean, I know he loves me, but you know how it is with first loves. And she only lives 1 town over. I guess I don't have to worry too much as I've heard she's a complete mess right now, constantly in bars, addicted to Vicodin, swings both ways, etc. Her mom ran into FH a year ago at the grocery store and tried to get him to come to her son's wedding so he could "accidentally" run into her daughter. Thank goodness FH has a better head on his shoulders and turned her down. So, is the ex invited because she and her family are family friends? Are you friends with her? G'luck with that! When we started dating, they were kind of starting to hang out with each other again. They were toying with giving it another try. I guess my the third time would be the charm ! I had no problem with him remaining friends with here, because my thought on this is if a person wants to stray they will stray. And you can not keep something that isn't yours. I asked him if you want to give it another try with her, let me know and I will respect your decision. We were dating all of 2 wks at this time, so I wasn't invested then. He insured me that he was where he wanted to be and we moved on from there and never once looked back. I've met her whole family and they are cordially to me. We had discussed her coming to his wedding if he ever had gotten married (again at the time we had just began dating). I really don't have a problem with me being there. After all, she is totally in my territory! All my girls are like we will be watching her! She better not even look at you sideways..... TRUST ME I AM NOT WORRIED! If I truly had a problem with it, she wouldn't be coming! In a way, I actually think it is a tad bit sad. I mean, would you go to an ex's wedding? I guess, I would if I broke up with him and I totally moved on and had absolutely no feelings for him! And of course, I would have to come with an amazing looking date, not my Mom, Sister & Brother!
  8. Gracie: As you know, You & I are sharing a wedding date (September 9) in Las Vegas! Many Blessing to all September Brides!
  9. Congrats on your upcoming Vegas Wedding. I was thinking of getting married @ Lakeside as well. We are having an outdoor wedding in September. We decided to have a sunset wedding so that it will not be that hot! Good Luck with the planning. Keep checking the boards you will so much useful information here!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by GracieBebe We went through a TA who booked us on Air France. It works for us cuz most of our miles are through Delta and Northwest. We haven't really looked at any travel books yet. I usually go to tripadvisor for most of my info. I know people are all over the place with their reviews, but I'm a researcher so I tend to read every review so as long as most of the reviews are good, I'm ok. Every place always has a handful of bad reviews cuz you can't please everyone. And a lot of these reviews always recommend things to do, etc. Also, there are forums on tripadvisor that I've always found really helpful to ask questions and stuff. Thank you!!! I'm so glad you liked it! When FH saw the pics of the place, he knew that was the place we had to get married at. We were originally going to get married in June 2010 (I suggested that time period cuz I know how gun-shy he was about even proposing since he's heard so many horror stories about marriages that end in divorce). But once we got engaged, he was all gungho about it and thought we had no reason to have an overly long engagement and so we thought 9.9.09 would be an easy date to remember so chose that one. I bought my dress that first month we got engaged last Sept. and my BM's have picked out their dresses but haven't ordered them yet. They have bought their plane tix though. We have 9 people (including ourselves) booked so far! One of my BM's is pregnant so she has to find a new dress cuz she will be about 6-7 months by the time our wedding happens. Anyway, your Vegas wedding does sound so stress free!! That must be so nice! We've run into the strangest issues during the planning of this wedding from unexpected guests to guests asking for us to help pay for their wedding gift to us (that's a whole different story you can find in the Vents section under Uninvited guests thread). LOL! Anyway, g'luck with your planning! I love hearing everyone's updates. Gracie: I thought exactly the same as you did with regards to making the wedding next year because I thought that was my FH wanted. Hence, the 4/24/10 date. He dated the same woman twice within a 10 year period and he always told her that he felt a couple should be dating 3 years before that got engaged. So imagine my surprise when he proposed to me after 1 year. We got in engaged on NYE and by the time we got home we had already agreed on the 4/24/10 date. When I suggested that date, I thought I saw a look of relief on his face , but he actually wanted to get married this year so VEGAS here we come! I, like you bought my dress the month after we got engaged. The funny thing was we hadn't changed our date as yet, so he thought I was crazy to have bought my dress 14 months before our wedding. I have to read your other post about unexpected guess. BTW, his ex-girlfriend and her whole family are coming to our wedding YIPPE! Aren't I a lucky girl!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 Your honeymoon sounds awesome! We are hoping to plan a longer trip to Europe this fall for our late honeymoon and I have never been. Are you flying into one city and out of another? Dolcegirl: We are flying into Madrid and leaving from Rome. One of the most appealing reason we booked this particular vacation is because all of our tours are taking care of with the price. Are you a member of Costco they have awesome tour packages, I found ours through them. I never thought of going through priceline. There are so many excellent deals to be found now because the tourism industry is hurting.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by GracieBebe OMG! You have the same wedding date as we do!!! YAY!!! Congrats! You're honeymoon sounds fabulous!!! We're also doing our honeymoon in Europe too. Only difference is, we're also doing our wedding there too. 7 nights in France (wedding week), 3 nights in London, and 5 nights in Amsterdam! Gracie: The funny thing is we were going to get married on 4/24/10. We choose that date because it was a play on both our birthday. Him being born on the 4th and me on the 24th. We were also initially supposed to get married in Vegas, but thought it to much work. I am actually glad we decided against it now, given the state dept's warning to tourist traveling to Mexico. After Mexico was out I began looking for other places to get married. Vegas was naturally one of the places I looked at seeing that it is considered the Marriage Capital of the world. And they had all these deals for 09/09/09 weddings. I discussed it with my FI and he thought it would be a cool idea. We liked the fact that we could fly in on one day and get married the same day if we wanted to. It just seem effortless. I checked out your wedding site, you wedding location is absolutely beautiful. You itinerary looks great! Have you found your dress, your BM's dress etc? My FI cousin got engaged 10 days before us and their wedding is 4/18/09. I could not imagine trying to put a wedding together in less than 4 months. And they are having 100+ people. We are having 61 people and it is still taking me 9 months to plan. Good luck with all your planning and I will be checking in from time to time to see how things are coming along as we get closer.
  13. I am flying Jetblue to my Vegas wedding, and it never occurred to me that they wouldn't have a place to hang my wedding dress! I never thought for one minute that I would be checking the dress, especially after seeing an episode of Southwest "Airline". A bride checked her dress for her DW wedding. All was fine they were even thoughtful enough to put it on top of the other luggage not to get wrinkled. The problem was that on the way from the plane to the terminal the dress slid off the top of the trolley and got caught in the wheels. No one noticed until it was time to unload the luggage into the terminal. By that time the dress in was in shreds! I felt so horrible for the bride. Of course, no one wanted to tell her! I truly don't remember her reaction, but I know I would have gotten MEDIEVAL in the terminal! How do you tell a bride that her dress is ruined?!?
  14. My FH and I will be spending 10K on our honeymoon. It was more than I ever thought we would spend on our honeymoon, but my FH wanted to do something special so what started out as spending a week in Mexico turned into 14 days in Spain, France & Italy. The highlights for me will be visiting, Cannes, Monoco, St. Tropez, Nice, Pisa, Florence & Rome. I've already been to Barcelona & Madrid, but I am extra excited to be going again with my FH. I am sure that this trip to Europe will be much more expensive then my last trip, which was back in 2000 right before they adapted the Euro. Our dollar was also much stronger.
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