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    BELIZE honeymoon review

    I thought the Turtle Inn looked amazing...wondering about the logistics of travel from cancun though.
  2. idomexico09

    BELIZE honeymoon review

    Congratulations!! It looks like you had a great honeymoon. Thank you for all the great info - we are looking at Belize for our honeymoon also - did you take the transfer service back to cancun for your flight home? The prices listed are one way only? Just trying to figure cost and logistics - any additional info you could give me would be great!
  3. Hi - we just got back from the area and rented a car. Do not go through Carribean Rental Cars - they promised us a certain type of car or something similar and did not come through. Then they act like they don't know what your talking about. You should be good if you're going with Alamo because they are a reputable company. It is very easy to get around - one hwy to worry about. I have been told it is extremely important to drive the speed limit - they will pull you over for even a little over. You have to pay close attention to the speed limit signs as they can change every couple miles or more. It was recommended to me to buy the extra insurance. Parking in PDC can be tough - but we found it without too much problem.
  4. We just returned from a week in Akumal(where we got engaged! : ) We chartered a catamaran from Akumal for the day and it was amazing. It fits up to 19 people. We paid 1000 for 9 people and left the bay @ 9:30 am and returned around 4pm. They sailed us out to a beautiful secluded beach where they prepared us lunch. We got to hang around on the beach and play in the water for a couple hours and then they sailed us to a private lagoon location where we went snorkeling - it was awesome!! They provided all of the pop,beer,water, and tequila. The guys got to fish off the back of the boat as we sailed. Didn't catch anything - but had fun trying. The place we charted out of was called Akumal Dive Shop. It would be the only place like that in Akumal. Akumal is about a 30 minute drive from Playa Del Carmen. Check it out - you will love it!
  5. idomexico09

    Keeping it simple

    Hi - we are getting married in the Riveria Maya - in Akumal. We are renting a villa with beautiful grounds for the wedding. You should check into Akumal. It is a wonderful little town 30 min south of Playa Del Carmen. It is known for the sea turtles in the bay. There are several villas to rent right on the water. If you are interested, let me know and I can give you the website of the family owned company I book through. Good Luck!
  6. idomexico09

    Akumal Mexico Wedding

    Hi! My name is Kristin and we are planning a wedding in Akumal Mexico on 12/30/09. Have seen lots of great posts here and suggestions. It is a great way to get ideas and opinions. I hope to contribute as well as enjoy the benefits of your posts : )