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  1. Hey ladies I can't believe how close our wedding is....it's actually crazy!! It's just starting to sink in! Question, did any of you pay for your wedding extras or excursions with credit card? Did they charge you extra for this? Any other tips or a review would be AWESOME, I hope the weather is great for us...it looks like almost every day has some sort of thundershower in the forecast...hope they are fast! Did you have any mosquitoes?? Sorry for so many questions - hope to hear from you newly married ladies soon !
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kwaits I need some encouragement right now because Im getting really discouraged about my progress. I just started week 5 of P90x and when I took my 30 day measurements I actually GAINED inches :-( I even gained a little weight. I have two explanations for this 1. I am about to start my period and I am usually bloated right before so that could be a reason 2. I am really good about eathing healthy all week and then the weekend gets here and I ruin it. I think my eating habits are negating my hard work I have 11 weeks until my big day and I desperately need encouragement to keep working. Having the summer off will help since I'll have more time to work out, but I REALLY need to get my diet in check. (Thanks for letting me vent ) Hey there, That sucks about your results - but remember it's still pretty early. Do you find you are getting more toned/muscular? Does your body look different? I think it's still relatively early to see major results - so try not to get too discouraged....If you stick to this and try to cut out all the "naughty" stuff (including alcohol unfortunately) - I'm sure you'll notice some changes! I think it really depends on what you are like when you start this program, if you were already pretty fit it may take longer for you to notice much a difference...Hang in there, stick with it (the exercise AND cutting out crap) and I'm sure you will notice changes. BTW - I personally think one little cheat is ok here and there.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by roxyqt 2 weeks to go!!! you must be getting sooo excited!!! Probably not enough time to get a knock-off . Good Luck with your decision, and keep us posted on your decision Hi Roxy, I think we both are Paloma brides right? Yah...I got my dress (with final alterations, if I have a minute I'll try to get a pic of me in it!) - and I was thinking how pretty it would look in TTD pics. But....I couldn't really justify getting a knock off dress for no reason other than to trash it. I have a cute little linen sun dress I might wear but I know it won't give the same effect - it will look more like an engagement photo shoot - still might be fun. I might do an after wedding session where I don't "trash" my dress (we'll see...). I don't think I should risk forever ruining the fabric though...
  4. Hi Ladies Sorry if this has already been asked. I'm debating whether or not I should trash my dress - my concern is that it may be permanently ruined if I do because it is natural (raw) silk...Has anyone done this before with their raw silk dress, how did it look afterwards? Thanks ladies
  5. I'm wearing a veil, I just felt it completed the look - I really think you need to try it on with your dress before you can know for sure. I will also just wear it for the ceremony and a few pictures, I wasn't sure I wanted one but when I tried it on I really felt "like a bride" - this is your wedding (hopefully only one!) so go with what you feel suits you best .
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by stachr So FI and I just finished core synergistics. Does this get easier? Haha, yes it does! Be prepared to be pretty sore for the first week or 2!
  7. You kind of have to guestimate the first time you do things - I usually use bands, 10 lbs and 15 lbs - and he will explain in the videos - if you want to get lean/toned look you want to shoot for 12-15 reps. If you start with a weight that makes you tired at 5 reps then you know it's too heavy for you (pause it and get a lighter weight) - you just have to make sure you feel a big burn with the last 3 reps.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by stachr Hi Everyone!! My P90X videos arrived yesterday! I'm going to watch the intro video today after work and start on it this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for someone just starting out? ~Stacey Hey Stacey - I would say you just have to commit and "bring it" as much as you can every time. I would also recommend writing down your reps when you start doing the weight lifting exercises, I didn't do this and I regret it. Let us know how it goes
  9. Lynn, LOVE your dress - you look awesome! Everything looks so good - also love the FG outfit, and super cute shoes ! Congrats!
  10. Congrats Mel, that's sooo exciting to hear!! So glad everything went well for you and I can't wait to heare more!
  11. I can't wait to hear how it was Meli and Purpleshells - I hope you both had an amazing time! I can't believe how fast time is passing...in 3 weeks I will be married, oh my! Can't wait
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by abbie32 Hey ladies, I just started P90X this week and it's amazing!! I'm only on Day 3 and I feel sore but tight all over and I have more energy. It's a great feeling! I'm excited to see what the results will be after 3 months. I'm not following the diet and using all the recipes right now. I'm just trying to watch what I eat. I have a puppy that I have to walk/run every night too so I figure I'm doing pretty good for burning calories on a daily basis. I'm doing it to get in shape for wedding dress shopping and the summer. My FI is doing it with me so it's great to have that support. I can't do a chin-up if my life depended on it. I seriously just hung there and tilted my head back. It made me feel like I moved up a bit. LMAO Questions... 1) Are you doing the lean or classic program? We're doing the classic program. 2) Are you tracking your exercises (how many reps you can do) and your inches? I was thinking I might measure inches since I will be building muscle and I might not see my weight fall very quickly. I usually go by my clothes anyway. It keeps me motivated if my clothes fit better! Thanks! Tara Hey Tara Welcome to the group , I am also doing the classic program - I'm tooo busy to do lean. I don't have a scale so I haven't really been watching my weight but I honestly was hoping to tone and not really looking to lose weight. I also didn't write down my reps, I probably should have - my FI did. I know I which weights I always use and I just try to make sure I'm pushing it so that the last 3 reps are hard. BUT - I think it would have been a good idea to start doing it from day 1. If I were you I would write it down. Hope you're still liking it - I'm finding it hard to keep up with lately (I have a big exam in 2 weeks and I'm 3 weeks away from leaving for Cuba!!). I'm going to try to do as many of the work outs as I can in the next few weeks but it's gonna be tough....On that note I guess I should start Yoga now..good times. Keep up the good work everyone
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by sungoddess_08 That's great! thanks for the tip! I'm making tank tops with iron-on rhinestones that say Bride today! I still need to do that! I have to make 4 . Where did you get your tank tops, did you get cotton ones without ribbing?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn Hi ladies! I just got done doing plyo since I got home from work late. What a great way to let out some stress. I find that sometimes I experience these pretty painful toe cramps when I workout...mostly during yoga. I think part of it stems from walking around in heels all day at work. Does anyone else get these toe cramps at all?! It sounds silly but they hurt...I have to pause my workout to massage or walk them off until they go away. Grr Hey Gina, I get them too - especially with calf raises and sneaky lunges, not exactly sure why but I guess there's not much we can do about them. Apparently potassium is supposed to reduce muscle cramps (like bananas)...but I eat one a day usually and still get them...They aren't very fun but I just try to push through it as long as I can possibly stand it - it usually goes away when I shake it out.
  15. Hey ladies, just checking in - hope everyone is doing well! Can't believe how quickly time is going, I will be leaving in 27 days....I remember when I was excited that is was less than 1 year! I still have a few more things to do but for the most part I'm pretty much ready. I've been working out a lot lately, I feel like all I do is study, work out, eat and sleep (some fun things in between). How is everyone else doing?
  16. COngrats Krista, would love to see a few pics if you read the thread on how to post pictures it's pretty easy to follow. So glad you had a great time, I'm getting married at another Melia resort in a few weeks (in Cuba also), I have never been there so it's great to hear your experience was so positive .
  17. Those pics are really good!! You looked beautiful, glad it was everything you hoped for .
  18. Yay I also finished the Mason twist section for the first time today, becuase of you ladies I decided to try to push it a little harder thanks for the encouragement
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelie11 Thanks SJM! How have you done on the program?? What have your results been like? I am following the diet in the book so hopefully I will have great results! Hey Kelie, I'm doing the classic program although I'm not doing the diet - just trying eat healthy/balanced meals, and I have essentially no junk food (except rice chips if they count ). I am on week 9 and I can definitely see a difference - especially in the arms/shoulders and my abs - the legs are harder to tell but I think they are a little more toned. I don't have a scale so I'm not sure if I've changed much in my weight - most of my clothes feel a little looser, so I think I probably lost a bit (may 2-3 lbs). If you're following the diet and doing all the workouts (and getting enough rest etc) - I'm SURE you will see changes in your body, hard to say how much of a weight change - it really depends on your body type when you start (I think). Keep up the good work and I think it will definitely be worth it when we're all looking great on the beach .
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelie11 Hey! so happy I found this site I just started P90x this week. Today is day 7. I am very active but this is HARD!!! my body has been sore all week and I love it. I am doingthe classic program. My goal is to loose inches and tone up. I wouldnt mind dropping 5-8 lbs either. You think the classic will help me to achieve this? Thanks guys. Welcome! I think that if you have some "extras" to lose then this program would definitely help. Obviously it won't work as well if you're eating like crap - but I think you'll definitely notice a difference within the first few weeks - with more results in the second/third phases. You would think after weeks of doing this that my body would be used to it but I'm still pretty sore on a regular basis - I guess that's the beauty of this program and why it works . Let us know how it goes for you
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn I'm so happy! I made it through the entire mason twist exercise (I usually have to take a break) in ab ripper today. Yahoo!!! That's awesome!! I still have only made it to 40 - congrats that is tough!!
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by alison15 Do you still plan to use them? How significant was the cost savings? I have been debating and I'm not certain they will be worth it in the end, I think I may pay just more for real flowers as I would hate to spend all that and not be happy with it. Hi there, Yes - I'm still planning to use them. Honestly the cost difference wasn't really why I decided to go with real touch, I used them because they had flowers/color choices that the resort I chose does not have. I am getting married in a remote area in Cuba and their flower selection isn't the greatest - I really wanted orchids. The resort I am going to only has a few flower options, I am still planning to buy my BM bouquets from the resort because I just want simple calla lillies for them (which is hard to mess up). My real touch bouquet is more expensive than the options my resort has (it was about $120 dollars inc shipping). Good luck deciding, I would try to find out as much as possible about the area you are going to and what is available before deciding. Some resorts seem to charge A LOT for flowers, so this might be more economical for you.
  23. Hi Ladies, So - I got my flowers from enchanting memories - I have to say they were really nice to work with but like Jackobelle I was a little disappointed with the quality of some of the flowers. I specified several times I wanted "Real Touch" for ALL the flowers - some of them definitely aren't (like the roses). The calla lillies and peonies were really nice and I liked the bouquet overall, I'm confident it will look nice in pics but if you are really picky about your flower quality then you might be a bit disappointed. Overall, if I had known what the end product would be I think the flowers at Michael's are almost as nice and I could have done it myself so I probably wouldn't order for them if I had to do it all over again. Best of luck ladies! I will try to post a pic when I think of it.
  24. Congrats MEL! I hope it was amazing, can't wait to hear aaallll about it when you get back (and see lots of pics I hope !)
  25. PS - I did Chest and Back on Monday, I can barely lift my arms....and I have to do Shoulders/Triceps tonight uuuuggh.
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