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  1. Congrats! I'm getting close to booking the same resort for my April 2010 wedding:)
  2. HELP!! I'm getting married April 2010 and my travel agent just called me with a great deal to this resort in Mayan Riviera. Till this point we haven't been thinking about Mexico but I'm just wondering if anyone has any info on this resort or pictures they could share. I'm so confused now. Any help would be apprciated sooo much. Thanks.
  3. Welcome! Have fun planning!!
  4. Does anyone have the wedding package information and rates? Or know where I can find them? Thanks:)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by VegasWedlockInvitations Since your wedding is April of 2010 you should have your invites, rsvp cards and travel info. sent by December of 2009. Have the requested rsvp date be for February or March. Here is some example rsvp wording: Please respond by the tenth of February M _____________________ __ We'd be delighted! __ We regret to decline. Use as many inserts or enclosure cards as needed to include travel information, or you can just state on your invitation to go to your Web site for more information. (I see that all the time). I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks for the info. It helps a lot.
  6. My wedding is also in April 2010. I sent my STDs out a couple weeks ago with Jamaica April 2010 on them and our website to RSVP. We put on the website that we were looking for approx. numbers for our travel agent. I'm a bit confused now about invitations. When should I send them and do we include our travel info with them and also include an RSVP card?? The timing and what exactly to include is confusing me!!! HELP!
  7. Welcome. I am planning to go with ROR in April 2010!
  8. I quit smoking over a year ago but I've gotten into the habit of having social smokes. Two of my best girlfriends still smoke and I just feel like I'm missing out, which is silly. I really need to get back on track cause it'll be easy to slip back into smoking all the time.
  9. My plan is definitly barefoot and I've been thinking about fans.
  10. Congrats! Did you have to book a room or how does that work? I am planning for April 2010 and would love to get a date booked but my travel agent said the rates won't be out until July or August.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. I have definitly seen some DIY on here that I would love to do and probably will try to personalize our wedding as much as we can without breaking the bank. When I was seeing some of the details and wonderful things people were doing on here I thought that I should be as well. I got stressed thinking about it and I want our day to be as stress free as possible!
  12. Hi, I'm planning a DW in Jamaica for April 2010. One of our mean reasons for this was to keep costs down and I'm not really the type to want to plan a big wedding. Since I've been on here and reading I'm finding some great ideas and suggestions but now I'm feeling overwhelmed. Can you keep a DW very simple or does it turn into as much work as a home wedding? HELP!
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