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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 Weddings seem to be the money maker over there so I guess it doesn't surprise me that they would do that. I do kinda feel bad for all the other guests though...I know I would be extremely upset if I went away on vacation and the entertainment was cancelled due to a wedding. They could always have it somewhere else on the resort. I definately do not think they plan around the weddings. I was married there in April - and the entertainment schedule is the same as it is currently (with the LOUD) firedancers on Saturday night. I would not want to have my reception at the adults only pool as you would definately be able to hear the sounds of the drums. I had my reception (on a Tuesday) at the dolphins pool and it was so elegant and beautiful (plus a lot less windy than the adults only poolside area).
  2. Hi gang, I was married the same week as Denise....in fact, she was the first wedding I saw there upon our arrival! We have our DVD of pictures now and MTM said a slideshow of our shots would be posted on their site in the next few days - I will let everyone know when it is live. We were married on April 14 at Dreams Tulum. The wedding was scheduled to start at 5pm. I have lived in Mexico before, and it is not a generalization everything is late. But I thought things would be different in an upscale resort - - it was not. The photographers were late, then the videographer was late, and then the Minister was over an hour late. So, the ceremony started after 6pm which ended up leaving us with less than an hour for pictures. Unfortunately we did not get many group shots (wedding party or family portraits) because the sun was working against us. However, all the other shots that we did get (ceremony, reception, etc.) were fantastic. I am so glad we hired MTM to tell the story of our wedding day. Any brides that may have a 5pm start time - be weary of the limited time you have for shots in the unfortunate event that the ceremony is delayed. KK
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MajikDreams I completely understand - ours' isn't horrible, but it's definitely not good either. It's recorded in wide-screen and EVERYONE looks like they're 1000000 lbs. The only thing I can say is that it is pretty funny - it's definitely something to laugh about. My MOH is in the background of a close up of 1/2 my face and all you see is her mouthing "What the F*ck" It's hysterical and so blatent. ADVICE TO FUTURE BRIDES: DO NOT USE RESORT VIDEOGRAPHER or PHOTOGRAPHER - we used an outside vendor for our photog and he was amazing. We used to resort photog for our Welcome dinner pics, because we did buy Ultimate Wedding Package and figured what the hell. They are ok, but not great. Hey gals, I just got bak on Friday and it was amazing. I am mega-stressed now that I hear our video might be sub-par. The videographer was late, he caught the ceremony and after the ceremony, but not before. I really hope our vows are audible - - do you have the videographer's email address? We are supposed to get the DVD in the mail, but if I can make a few adjustments BEFORE he sends it, that would be good. We used Filamone (sp?) for our trash-the-dress the day after, he is the resort photog and he was great. Some cheesy picts, but for the most part he provided us with a lot of great shots (138 to be precise).
  4. Hey gals, I am using MTM next week for my wedding. They have indicated they have not received their Mexican Work Visa's yet and therefore technically not able to work down there yet. I've spoken to them and we don't think it will be a problem, but I will keep you all posted. By the time I found out this was an issue (it was not made known until after we had booked and paid) - it was way to late to try to find a replacement photographer -- plus, we were really looking forward to using Lori and Lincoln. It should be ok - but I will keep you all posted.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Gina and Rusty My wedding is officially 11 days away and I am soooo excited!! Will anyone else be at Dreams Tulum April 13 - 20?? Whoa - there are a tonne of us down there this next week. I'm off 10 - 17 as well and doing the wedding-dance on Tuesday! I can't even think about it without vibrating and giggling a little. See ya'll down there!
  6. IF, on the off chance that the flowers are still available - - please PM me and I'll send you $$ asap. Thanks!
  7. motorola_mascott

    amesharpe's Dreams Tulum Wedding Review

    I'm just trying to decide on a reception location - - you said yours was by the 'activity pool' --- is that the same thing as the 'dolphins pool' that is given as a reception option in the guide?
  8. Hi sunbride - - here is the info I know so far. Still in the midst of planning....even though it is only 6 weeks away! Username:motorola_mascott Names: Kristy and John Date & Time: April 14, 2009; 5pm Wedding package: Ultimate Wedding extras (and cost charged): Type of ceremony: Legal Coordinator: Anabel Number of guests:26 Ceremony location & time: Beach (seaside grill) at 5pm Cocktail hour location and time: Reception location: Photographer: Moments that Matter Videographer: Review (link): Photos (link): Video (link): Planning thread (link): Wedding website (link): Special arrangements / activities:
  9. motorola_mascott

    Getting rid of wedding items

    Any chance the parisols are still up for grabs?
  10. motorola_mascott

    FS - Dresses, OOT Bags, Stuffers and MORE!

    Hey - just pm'ed ya about the shell and the bookmarks - - fingers are crossed that they are still available for me....
  11. motorola_mascott

    FS: Left over wedding Items

    Hey! I am going to PM you about the items I'm hoping to purchase. I really like the ring-bearer shell. Did you make it? If so - - can you give me some pointers! I love it! Thanks so much! Kristy
  12. I will be booking MTM as well for my wedding at Dreams Tulum in April/09. I'll keep you posted! I think it is really important to have photographers that will 'tell the story' of your wedding day so that all the family and friends from back home (that couldn't make it) can experience it through pictures. I am really looking forward to working with them!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Blkatz FYI LADIES!!!! So I just got a call from one of my best friends that the resort is totally booked!!! I just called my mother in law who is a travel agent and she confirmed this. I am shocked because I never thought it would fill up like this in the 1st week of May. Any suggestions It is also booked up for us the second week of April. I guess the Easter Holiday week is also when the wealthier Mexican's travel as well. I was a bit worried that the resort would be booked 'over capacity' and there would be a risk of being bumped.....but we were assured that wouldn't happen. We had to pay the increased room rate for suites for all our guests (vs. basic garden view rooms) in order to secure our reservation. It was touch-and-go for a few days there, but now everything is tickity-boo. I would suggest looking into if there are upgraded rooms available and if you can negotiate a rate for your guests (we paid only $110 more per person for the upgraded suites).
  14. motorola_mascott

    OOT Bag Goodies for sale!

    Hi there, Would you take $20 for the following? 10 Daily Spanish for Dummies 9 Rolaid Soft Chews 7 Koozies If so, let me know the process for the swap-a-roo! Cheers.
  15. Hi Ladies, Can anyone tell me what side of the resort is best to stay at? The Dreams side or the Hacienda side? Thanks