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  1. We were, but due to our upcoming schedules through the remainder of the year, we will now just go early next year. When we were going to go right into the honeymoon, we were not going to stay in the DR anyway, so now we need to decide which of the many choices we want to go with.
  2. FYI Ladies - The DR Consulate in Miami is charging us $150.00...or $25/page. May be cheaper than the postings I've seen for Wedo. Good Luck!
  3. We are having the same basic issues. Our wedding is in June, and half of the guests we "know" are coming have not booked yet. I know people will be procrastinators, and there is really not much you can do about it. We have had people who want to stay at another resort b/c they found a better deal, etc., etc. We have had wedding crashers...our motto is "book a room"! Just know that you can't please 100% of the people, 100% of the time!
  4. I am in the process of submitting the paperwork as well for my wedding in June. I spoke to the Dominican consulates in DC and Miami originally, and both told me that as of 9/30/09, their translations are not valid (go figure!), now that the DR is part of the HAC(?) Convention. I then spoke to my WC who told me that they were not aware of this, but to call the consulate back and tell them all that I need is the translation of documents, which I did, and was eventually transferred to the woman who does the translations. As for the documents needed, the documents listed above are correct. It shouldn't take too long according to the translator, but I will keep you posted! Mailing off tomorrow....
  5. We are actually planning to bring our own...one of the guests is a DJ. Congratulations on your wedding! Which gazebo will you be using? Please share your pics...would love to see them!
  6. Michelle & Wesley: Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort Punta Cana, DR June 19, 2010
  7. As an update, I have been speaking to the Dominican consulate in the States (MIA and DC), and apparently, as of 9/1/09, the Consulate's translation of these documents is no longer legal. According to the Consulate, the DR is now part of the HAC Convention, so their translations are no longer accepted. I passed this information on to my onsite coordinator, who of course, this was news too, but I called the Consulate back and spoke to the person who actually does the translations. I am obviously still going to have them done anyway, but this has been very confusing!!! Ugh!
  8. At first I wasn't too pleased when I heard about the change, only after about a month of signing the contract. However, the more I thought about it, I figured it would add an extra element of "good times" which I really want to make sure our guests are provided with. As long as the feel is still Punta Cana, not Vegas, I'll be good!
  9. My FI and I want to do the pre-marital counseling, but I do have a question for you brides out there....how long would you recommend us continuing? I have heard of those who do a crash course, or others who have attended for 6-weeks or more! Thoughts?
  10. I haven't heard of this, but I can say that I exercise 3-4 times a week, and on my off days, I would do 50 pushups, and 150 crunches. My arms were great, stomach had never really been fat....but things happen, I fell off my regular routine for a few months, but now getting back on. This will definitely help me get it back together! Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by katml hope you found what you were looking for! I'm a 'Trini' if anyone needs any help let me know I'd be happy to help out! I'm actually a makeup artist! I end up on here looking at dreams Tulum hehe and well now I may be able to actually help out a few brides so why not! HI Katml! I see that you are a make-up artist and I do need some advice. I am getting married in the Dominican Republic in June, and have never really worn much make-up. I keep it simple...eyeliner, lipgloss, maybe mascara, maybe eyeshadow, and that's on special occasions! I haven't confirmed a m/u person in the DR, but with the right make-up, and some other skilled "friends", do you think I would be OK with doing my own (with help!).
  12. I know someone who got married in St. Lucia. They actually utilized the Winderjammer for their room block, but the actual ceremony/reception was at Jalousie Plantation. It was a blast! I really wanted to hold my wedding in St. Lucia, but we are going to opt for the honeymoon there instead. Congratulations!
  13. Congrats and welcome to the forum! Happy planning! There are sooooo many useful and resourceful things to be found here.
  14. Getting married in June 2010 at Moon Palace Punta Cana and I am looking for pictures of possible ceremony site locations. I have emailed hotel and they sent pictures of a few gazebos and the beach, however, I would prefer some type of garden location, looking onto the water. Although I have requested, with the slow response time, I realize I may take a bit more time to get an answer on this through the hotel. That is why I am hopefully planning to make a site inspection next month.
  15. Ladies, My FI and I are getting married in the Dominican Republic, but most likely will be travel to Jamaica for the honeymoon. After being in our wedding location for a week prior to the nuptials, we'd prefer to go somewhere else altogether. Does anyone have any recommendations on resorts in Jamaica? We are looking at either Round Hill or Couples....
  16. Michelle & Wesley - Moon Palace Punta Cana June 19, 2010
  17. MontG


    Thanks everyone! My wedding is confirmed for 6/19/10 at the Moon Palace Punta Cana. Are there any now-wives that can advise me on the process, or make any recommendations? I am concerned about everything from decor, cake, make-up, ceremony/reception locations....you name it!
  18. Hi Amy, My date at the Moon Palace PC is actually a few days before yours! Has the process gotten any better for you? I sent Nancy an email on 12/31/09, and just got her response about a week ago! Tell me about it. I understand they only use HDC for photos which I am pretty OK with...I actually found them first and via emails, found out they are the official photographer for MPPC. Have you confirmed your ceremony/reception locations, florals? Are you going with a standard package, or doing add-ons? Was wondering what the most cost-effective route is. Congratulations! MM
  19. Hi All! My date is set for 6/19/10 at the Moon Palace Punta Cana (or should I say Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana). As of late, I have found that the response time from the hotel has been rather lacking, but I do understand that they don't have the same sense of urgency that we have here, not to mention, I am still about 4 months out. If anyone has any experiences at the Moon Palace or insight with photographers, shipping, document translation, decor, locations...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, I would LOVE to hear from you!!
  20. MontG


    Looking forward to a wealth of information for my Punta Cana DW. MontG
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