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    Hello there. My fiance are from Toronto, Canada but are living in Hong Kong. We would have loved to have our wedding in Thailand, but have chosen Jamaica as my fiance is of Jamaican decent and because we want to make it easier for our families and friends to attend our wedding and most of them are in North America. We are planning to have it either on Dec. 27th or 28th, or 29th depending on the availability on the hotel we choose. We want something all inclusive that is on the beach as we want our ceremony on the beach and hopefully a beach-side reception. I'm leaning towards Negril as I have heard the beaches there are better than Montego Bay an Ocho Rios. We have been to many beaches around the world that we can compare to, so we definitely need a gorgeous beach! We also want an environment more adult friendly than family oriented but not totally for couples or adults. We want somewhere that has the potential for a party atmosphere but not too crazy! Oh, and we would like a 4 or 5 star hotel. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!! Good luck to everyone with their planning!