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  1. Hello Ladies I was married Saturday and everything was amazing! Claudia took care of everything. Once we arrived in Tulum, we were stress free. I'll post some photos over the weekend. I'll do my best to answer some of the below questions. We had our rehearsal dinner at Zamas. Susan was amazing. We had cocktail hour on the beach, and dinner under the main palapla. We hired a mexican cover band "vertigo" I would highly recommend them for the wedding as well. Everyone wondered how I would top off the wedding night after the rehearsal dinner. The food, music, atmosphere and drinks were perfect. The price was reasonable as well. It's a very rustic mexican place. For the wedding, Jackie arranged for nail and hair. I would suggest to do your own nails, it only lasted 2 days. The hair was good, be specific though. As mentioned below, it's very windy on the beach. We had the wedding at the beach club. The ceremony in front of the tree on the beach, cocktail hour under the grape tree and dinner and dancing in the main area. Jackie said it would be $4k to have the beach club private, but when we met with her, she said she would close the entire place down. We had the place to ourselves with no fee. I guess somethings are better left unsaid. I didn't feel we needed an arch during the ceremony since we were in front of the trees. The beach has eroded some but it's still beautiful. There is a rope holding up a tree, ask them to take it down and they will for the ceremony. We also had them cover the sandbags with white linens. We had our own officiant and our friend played the guitar for the ceremony. We had our ipod play for the first part of the cocktail hour, and the mariachi played for the second. Well worth the money, they were great. DJ Bob played for the dancing part. He is very accomodating. I would be specific on music though. The food and cake were delicious. We had the steak and salmon. Overall, the day was perfect. I wouldn't have changed a thing. We opted for an open tab, not bar. We had the prosecco for the toast and a lot of wine. All said and done, it was much cheaper and my group drinks! Sandy
  2. Hi! I'm renting shells and hurricanes from Susan at Zamas. It seems to be a hassle to send them from NY. She is only charging $15 per hurricane and $10 for shells Sorry! I'm going this route Sandy
  3. Hello Jackie told me something different regarding the officiant. She said a permit is needed, she isn't sure how to get it, but most likely the person needs to stay in mexico for 40 days. The work around is to hire someone for $600, they don't need to speak just be there so AyJ doesn't get fined. She won't tell me the fine, if we get caught... Also, now she is saying the outside vendor fee is $200 plus $150 per hour... this isnt' in my contract... Anyone else hear something different? The person meeting Jackie this weekend, can you ask her these questions? As for the budget question, I'm around 12K as well. I don't mind sending my budget if you give me your email Sandy
  4. Hi Jacqueline When are you going to Tulum? I'm trying to decide to buy and ship or shop when I'm down there. I'm thinking I might do the shells and hurricanes on the table. There is a photo on Jackie's website, with the brown table cloth. I want a little more though for the cocktail tables, around the bar etc.. I'm up for arranging something together. thoughts? Sandy
  5. Hello It doesn't matter if the ceremony is legal, Jackie said it is a new Mexican law that requires a work permit. She isn't willing to budge because of some fine. However, she can't provide any information on how to get this. I'm researching further this week, she said it takes 40 working days to process, so timing it tight for me! Thanks for the DJ! He is 1/2 of what Jackie quoted even with the outside vendor fee. I've been working with Susan from Zamas, she is extremely helpful. I highly recommend the welcome dinner at Zamas. Arrange a call, she is located in San Fran I'm paying 5K for a 5-6 hour party. live band, open bar ect.. I customized the menu (this might be cheaper then what was said above) For the person who asked about the fee at Ana y Jose. It depends on what you want. It is more expensive then I thought, but it is a beautiful location. How many people? My menu is around $65 per person, the drinks are what kill the budget. Sandy
  6. Hello I love the idea about sharing the cost on decorations. Who is getting married in March? let me know and we can arrange to speak Sandy
  7. Hello All I'm getting married March 14th at the beach club. I set up a website, Our Wedding Website with a lot of transportation and hotel information. Feel free to copy! the site has had some issues lately! As for Jackie, it has been a pain. I would suggest you set a time and call her. She will confirm everything back in email. I'm struggling with the DJ. Has anyone confirmed this yet? We only have 40 guests, Jackie suggested to just use an ipod this scares me. Also, the ceremony. I just found out if you don't use someone from Mexico to officiate you need a work permit. Jackie isn't clear on how you get this, has anyone done this yet? thanks!! Sandy PS- I'm having my R dinner at Zamas, they have been extremely helpful and much cheaper then Ana Y Jose- let me know if your interested and I can give up details
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