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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by stephdel i think i will do open bar for an hour during the reception, then for diner we will have wine (that we will buy from them) and champagne (that we are buying)...by the way there is a supermarket in playa that has veuve cliquot champagne and moet for $30, it still is cheaper to buy it outside AyJ because their corkage fee for champagne bottle is $50...their bottles of champagne are $120 so $30+$50= $80, still cheaper than their bar. Jackie told me that in order to keep the place open after 11pm, i have to get the open bar $13 an hour/per person or they will close it down...so i guess we will have to. I'm pretty sure you won't be allowed to bring in any alcohol. In my contract, it says no outside food or beverage...in red. I'm going for a pina colada toast. It's included in the $13/hr bar, and what the hell.. I'm getting married in Mexico, so why not do something a little different. I had a couple when visited, and they're VERY good.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Kristin1976 How many of you are going to have a legally binding ceremony at AnaY? We are still trying to figure that out too. Kristin- We were planning on a symbolic ceremony. I'm not sure what the other state laws are, but in Colorado we can pickup our wedding license and sign whenever we want too. We don't even have to have witnesses. I'm going to get the doc's before I leave for Mexico, and sign them for our wedding date when we get back. I don't want to have to worry about lugging them around on our honeymoon etc while we're there.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Afreeman21 San Fran Sarah- Since you have visited maybe you can help with this question. Is the grape tree area considered the beach? Just curious because May-September is Turtle season and there are some restrictions on the beach. Also she told me there could be no dancing on the beach (maybe because of the turtles) so I wasn't sure what area is considered the beach or not. Afreeman- The grape tree's aren't considered a part of the beach. I asked Jackie about that awhile ago. There's a clause in the contract that dinner on the beach has 20% gratuity. She told me that the grape trees are in the 15% area, so I guess it's not considered a part of the beach.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by mrsscottyb Hi Charps ~ From what Jackie e-mailed me today, the vendor fees are individual if you are not using their DJ, Florist, Bakery, or Photographer. She told me that the DJ vendor fee was $100 per hour! It's best to check with her so there is no miscommunication. Sarah ~ Can you give me any contact or website information for Doranna Debortoli? I'd like to get some prices from her. Does she do makeup as well? Thanks! Amber-Thanks for letting me know. BUT $100 and hour!?! That's just stupid. I'll probably wait a few weeks before I ask her about it. She'll probably start wondering why all of us are asking the same questions at the same time...
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by San Fran Sarah What area are you having your reception in? I am considering doing it under the grape trees because I am worried about privacy in the palapya. I understand that they will be opening for dinner in the palapya and that there will be other guests eating in the same area who are not our wedding guests. Also, Steph--how much did it cost you to do rehearsal dinner at Zamas? We are thinking of doing our day-after brunch there. Sarah- I'm going for the grape trees. I saw some pictures of the lighting they put up in the trees for weddings (Jackie said this was free of charge..shocking!) on Trip Advisor, and it's gorgeous. Check it out sometime if you haven't seen it. It also seems a little more private.
  6. I'm not using the furniture, but I think it would be great for a cocktail hour while you finish with pictures etc. Also just a good place for people to hang out after dinner. You maybe able to place the furniture around the dancing area for the reception as well. What's everyone doing about flowers?
  7. Hi everyone! I'm getting married 5/18/2009. Glad we could all chat, I think it's really going to help all of us out. I haven't heard anything about the $200 for outside vendors. Please tell me that's a flat rate, and not for each vendor! Does that rate only apply to vendors she doesn't recommend? Has anyone looked into DJ's?
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