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  1. I went to Dreams Palm Beach in September and it's gorgeous. We're getting married there next year and I can't wait. Everybody is so friendly, our room was upgraded when we checked in. The resort looks just like the pictures they posted on their website, beautiful.
  2. How soon did you guys get information about the resort/wedding after booking with you travel agent? (I just feel like the website is so vague and I feel bad for asking our family and close friends to travel) I'm sorry I know you guys have posted wedding info, but I just don't have enough points to open them so I was just going to wait until they send it out to me. It's been a month now and I'm just feeling a little nervous. I really love the place, I just don't know who's being unreliable (whether it's EPM or my travel agent). How soon did you guys book the place and how soon did you get in touch with the wedding coordinator? And do you recommend a good travel agent?
  3. We're planning on getting married there in May 2010. Right now I'm just waiting to hear from my travel agent if we got the date we chose. So far I still have no information about the reception and ceremony other the information they have on their website. Thank you for posting this
  4. Hey ladies, I just found a cute bag in the body shop, I would totally get it but it doesn't match our color theme. It's $5/each, orange and floral. Also comes with a matching make-up bag and mirror Floral Print Beach Bag - Summer Trend 08: Last Chance: Specials - The Body Shop Floral Print Cosmetic Pouch - Summer Trend 08: - The Body Shop
  5. Great find, there's so many bags i'd like to get
  6. i love everything in the bag, your bridesmaids will be so happy to get them
  7. They look fabulous. I love your save the day invites... you make me want to try to make them (I might just do it next weekend)
  8. Hey Jennifer Thank you so much for such a speedy response and for answering my question. Our travel agent wasn't able to give us this much information (we were just told to check the link), since we planned on getting married in May 2010 (we cannot book until 1 year prior). I don't really know what our options there are other than the Mariachi Band, I'm open to suggestions. Photos are very important to me. What/who would you recommend? And open bar seems like an essential for everybody's wedding (I don't think my fiance' family would be happy if it's not included). Thanks for your recommendation (#5), I never thought about doing it that way. It'll be more personal too. You're awesome!!! Thank you again and if you have anymore information please keep me posted.
  9. Hi Jennifer Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and this is an awesome post. We have decided to have our wedding in one of the Excellence resort (Playa Mujeres) instead of Secrets. The website only provides very vague information about the wedding package. I've never been to Mexico, so when our travel agent suggested this I tried to search but every website I googled gave me the same general information. I just have a couple more: 1. Is the transportation from the airport to the resort included? I just dont want any of my guest to spend anymore money? 2. What is included in the gold dinner package? How long is the reception? It's an al inclusive resort, so will there an open bar be available for my reception? You also mentioned the 2 weddings per day(kinda bumbed about that) what if they choose the same restaurant for their reception? I would like to choose how my cake is decorated (would I have options). What's included in the cocktail hour? 3. Photos: If I want more photos, how much extra would that be? And I would really like them to be nice and memorable? 4. What if we decide not to have the Mariachi band, are there other options? 5. Would they be able to hand out welcome bags to my arriving guest, when they check in? 6. Rehearsal/Welcome dinner and after wedding brunch can this be arranged? We're not asking them to close the restaurant for us, just have enough tables and chairs set up. It is all-inclusive, so would there be an extra charge for this. I'm sorry if I've asked some really silly questions, I just dont know. Please respond back to ease my worries. And thank you for taking time to read this really long post
  10. I'm a late May 2010 bride too. Can't book anything yet (too early) I would love to send my save the date when I decided what kind to send. Initially we were going to send a magnet, but I love the boarding pass idea. I love your message in the bottle idea, but they're too expensive to order
  11. I'm new here and I really like the forums. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that question, I suggested getting a civil wedding before going away for the ceremony to my future husband but he is insistent about have our anniversary on a specific date and he said that having 2 weddings will just confuse everything...(but he's gradually giving in). Now I have to check my state law, thanks for the heads up ladies.
  12. Congratulations!!! My travel agent suggested either secrets or excellence resort because you can get a complimentary wedding if we have enough guest (we have a big family). The only problem I have is that I cant plan anything until a year after the desired date. And the website doesnt really give much information about the stuff I need. But as plus you get a wedding coordinator I guess that will take out some of the stress I'll be experiencing this year. But Good Luck and read about the rules with a Mexican wedding... Like the blood test (which may take up to 15 days). I'm still trying to figure out if the wedding certificate will be in english. We might just end up getting married here and then have the ceremony in Mexico
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