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  1. Hi Katie, The firt thing that we did was compare the prices between property, Palma Real, is more expesive, I like PPC more because the property is very tropical and the room rate is less expensive than PLR also the wedding package have differents prices but are the same. I like both Paradisus but my fiance and I can not afford the cost of a wedding in this awesome resort. I hope this information help you.
  2. I received some information about this sunset cruise. from Paradisus Punta Cana. in the picasa album they have Great pics. Picasa Web Albums - Romance Team - Sunset Boat YouTube - Wedding Punta Cana: Best Wedding Punta Cana Wedding Punta Cana. The best Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. I hope this information can help you.
  3. I was in comunication with the WC in PPC she is very sweet, and respond me so quickly, but I interested to make a plated dinner at the beach, and they don´t offer a plated dinner at the beach, she explain me that if I want a 3 courses I need choice a Ballroon or at the Convention Terrace, because at the beach just they have the option for a buffet style Do you think, that a Buffet style can look nice for a wedding reception.
  4. Hello!! Could you please help me to decide which one it better between PPC & PPR. I need something elegant & sophifisticated. Please help me to make my dream wedding
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    Hello!! My Name is Bianka, and I planning to get married on February 2010, I select a Wedding destination because I want relax, simple, romantic and elegant event in the Caribbean or Costa Rica Your suggestion ideas and advice will be greatly appreciate. I heard that Dominican Republic is a Very fabulous destination wedding location. Sincerely. Bianka24
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