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  1. You can also buy perforated cardstock. A quick google search sent me to this link: - PerforatedPaper.com. You will still need the corner punch, though.
  2. Hi mackenzie, Do you plan on making your own invitations? I was looking at cardstock and envelopes online today and found a few websites that have your colors (listed as dark purple and golden green). Only catch is you have to either take it to a printer or print yourself. Card Stock, Vellum Paper, Envelopes, Metallic Cardstock, Invitation Cards Specialty Wedding Stationery - Paperandmore.com
  3. Sorry, wish I could help. I'm not having an AHR as over 100+ guest have voiced that they will be attending our destination wedding in HHI. I've set up a website (included on the STD magnet) that contains all the information that they will need for travel, accommodations, groceries, outings, activities and such. Maybe you can set up a website? I used one from ewedding.com. Easy templates. I just fill in the information, add photos and links and presto!
  4. Petals, the smell of the flower blossoms, the crash of the waves. So romantic! Are you going to use the same photographer for your wedding?
  5. Wow. I can tell how much thought, time and effort you put into these invitations. Congratulations! I know it must feel great to get these out the door!
  6. We dated for almost 5 years before we got engaged. However, the last 2 years was long distance, so I feel like I should be able to perform some fancy math... Oh, and I'm five years older! ha! More fancy math...
  7. Hi everyone! My name's Cam. I just found best destination wedding website and I'm 8 months into my engagement! I know...I'm a procrastinator! Anyway, we're getting married on May 2, 2009 in Hilton Head Island. I'm so excited! I can't wait to fill up on all the tips and advice you ladies have on the planning process.
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