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    Riu Palace Los Cabos

    Hey everybody, just got back from Los Cabos and the wedding was beautiful, coud not ask for a more perfect day. If anybody is getting married at the Riu Palace feel free to message me any questions you might have. Im just warning you dont trust the safes at the hotel as 3 of our guests had their safes broken into and over a $1000 was stolen in total, so dont bring a lot of cash with you. The hotel would make excuses as to why they would not honor our stolen money, so nobody got their money back even though they tell you its insured. Ash*
  2. My Finance’s sister who is twelve is our Junior Brides Maid AKA Flower Girl. I don’t necessarily want her to carry flowers down the aisle but I do want her to carry the rings. She’s not a flower girl nor is she a ring bearer. What can she carry down the aisle thats not a flower girl basket or a ring pillow? Any Ideas? Ash
  3. I have my fiancé’s sister walking down the aisle as a junior bride’s maid...AKA Flower girl. She doesn’t want to be called the flower girl because she is 12....I want her to carry the rings, but not necessarily spread flowers. Does anybody have any neat ideas as to what she could carry down the aisle to carry the rings? I don’t want to give her a flower girl basket and I don’t want to give her a ring pillow.
  4. ashleybride2b

    Site Visits

    I think if you have the option to go down to Cabo closer to your wedding date then you should, at lease that way you know a 100% what the weather will be like plus it will calm your mind so there is no "what if's" in your mind, but....I think the weather is pretty nice all year.
  5. ashleybride2b

    Dreams Cabo night life

    I don't think staying open is a option at any of the hotels. I was at the Dreams hotel a week ago for a wedding and the wedding reception even shut down at 1030 pm as well as all the other bars in the hotel except for the sports bar that stays open for a short while after. I would suggest that anybody that wants to party, they should sign up for those pub crawls that take you down town. I think the bus picks people up at 11pm. Other then that I guess you could party in your rooms since you do have a fully stocked bar fridge. Good Luck
  6. ashleybride2b

    Lovers Beach

    I was actually just there about one week ago and its beautiful. One side called divorce beach has big waves but lover’s beach right where the water taxi park the waves are much calmer and you can swim there. Its a great spot just to walk around and take pictures. Go early in the day before the crowds of people start coming. You could even pick up your own snorkel gear from the discount store and do your own snorkelling there. Hope this posting helps.
  7. Thanx those pictures helped a lot....so your the on sight photographer for the Riu? So your the person I need to talk to about more information on prices and times? I was thinking the other day I needed to start thinking about booking a photographer for the wedding and I didn't know how to go about doing that. I know I get some pictures done throught the wedding package but I still wanted more time with the photographer. Whats are price per hour?
  8. ashleybride2b

    Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas Review!!!

    WOW loved you review on the resort I am getting married there in November. I am so glad everything turned out for you. How far ahead did you need to book the garden reception? Is that something I should be trying to book right now? Is it expensive to rent?? I would love to see your pictures and talk to you more...
  9. Thank you for the slide show. The pictures are great!!! I really like the thought of a beach reception too...I am going to look into that now! =0)
  10. YAY to the Jamaica BRIDES TO BE! WOO! I am actually just waiting on a price list from the travel agent to determine which hotel I am going to choose. I am interested in RTP and Riu Negril, and the Gran Bahia Principle but I have not read many reviews on the one so I am not to sure. If anybody has any helpful tips please message me! Thanx! XOXOXO
  11. ashleybride2b

    Riu Palace Tropical Bay Info

    Love your pictures! You both look wonderful! Congrats! I am thinking about the RTP I am just waiting on the price list for a bunch of different hotels. Why did you choose the RTP over the RN?
  12. ashleybride2b

    Riu Palace Tropical Bay Info

    Wow its really small! Did they give you the option to up-grade?
  13. ashleybride2b

    Riu Brides...bringing own music...

    My only suggestion is to have your wedding songs backed up on your IPod incase your CD gets scratced or lost. Also if you wanted to play some of your own music during the reception most hotels have IPod docking stations. Good luck! =0)
  14. LOVE the pink! That will look so nice with that color blue!!
  15. ashleybride2b

    Back from ROR Wedding!

    Looking forward for the pictures! It sounds beautiful...glad everything worked out well for you.