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    New Destination Bride!!

    Congrats and Welcome!!!! We are in the same boat - thought we wanted big wedding but are starting to change our minds and go DW..... Best of luck planning!
  2. Hounsie

    Hello, I am new

    Welcome - ohhh Italy! That's amazing! Best of luck w/ your new courses!
  3. Hounsie


    Congrats Ashley and welcome! Cabo is beautiful....it seems that the resort " Dreams Los Cabos" is the most popular...but there are soooo many! This site is Def. the site to help you out! I only joined about a week ago and i have already learned sooo much about DW!!!! Good luck!!
  4. Hounsie

    Newbie Groom-to-be (hope that's allowed)

    Welcome!!! nice to have a male join!!! Congrats~
  5. Hounsie

    Newbie soon to be married!!!

    Welcome Caitlin! Im from Ontario too and thinking about planning a DW - this site is great for information- where abouts are you from? We just got engaged in October....We should chat!
  6. Hounsie

    Just got engaged!

    Welcome!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Hounsie

    Brand Spankin New

    Welcome!!!!!!!!!! This board has TONS of info - very helpful!!! im just getting to know it myself!
  8. Wow everything looks so perfect!!!!! What a beautiful wedding!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  9. Hounsie


    WOW!! Thanks everyone!!!!
  10. Hounsie


    Hi everyone! Im excited to learn/get some tips for a DW. I have not done much research yet, so i dont know where we will be getting married - but that's what i hope to find out from this board We are looking at 2010. Originally, we didn't consider a DW. With the craziness of planning we are soooo much more open to it now and Im getting pretty excited and im thinking more and more a DW is the way to go!! So any pointers or tips are welcomed with open arms Im Crystal Im getting married in 2010 And I'm not quite sure where that is yet!! LOL! Looking forward to chatting with you all!