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  1. I think I am prepared. I got EVERYTHING into three bags which includes our clothes We split up our OOT items and wedding stuff into two bags. I am a little nervous but I think we will be ok. I have all my receipts and invoices.
  2. britsytoll


    Hi Brandi, welcome. Good luck planning and I am sure you will find some great ideas!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by aimee&ted Thanks for posting!! These are so beautiful. We're getting married at the Tucan in January, & I am so excited. I've been working with Gabriela alot lately, & she really is great! How is your planning going? Are you having a dinner reception...if so, what restaurant did you decide on?
  4. Thanks for sharing. I am going to send him an email. I wonder if he can put graphics on the beer mugs.
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    We need a latin dance song... Help

    OMG...I was just researching this on the forum. FI wants to salsa and surprise everyone. I love the idea. Although I have no idea for a song suggestion but I am researching so I'll let you know if I come up with anything. I was thinking about searching on Dancing with the Stars or something. They might have good ideas.
  6. My mom suggested that..I looked at her funny at first but then thought..not a bad idea! Let me know what you come up with. I need to start looking for my set.
  7. I am not doing table numbers and a seating chart however I went to a wedding last summer and saw the coolest idea. Each table was a little city that the bride and groom traveled together to and then there was a picture of the two of them at the place..make sense? It was really neat.
  8. I just started researching the sand ceremony sets. I have no idea.....wonder if it is something you can play with some cheaper sand. Just a thought...
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    Hello all

    Good Evening Nicole! Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the fun of planning a wedding. You will get so many great ideas here and meet some amazing people! Have fun and good luck! PS...the Rivera Maya is so pretty!!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn 20 pairs...as in 40 individual maracas? I bought my Maracas in Mexico (30 of them) and they filled up 2 shopping bags to the top. I think 40 full-size maracas would fill up one carry on sized bag...with a few more that might have to go in another bag. Did you have any problems finding 30 of them? I need 50 and plan on buying them down there in Playa. My mom thinks we will have a hard time finding that many. I told her they are all over the place...is that what you experienced? Thanks!
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    Wedding Song Resource

    That is a fun site!
  12. I was just researching Playa today.....www.playamayanews.com has some great listings. I hear the Blue Parrot is a great place.
  13. britsytoll

    warning*DO NOT purchase from HeatherCollins85!

    OMG..that is my biggest fear planning a wedding and purchasing everything online. I wish you the best of luck and remember people remember reviews. Like others said, karma is a b!tch...I have faith that things will work out. GOOD LUCK!
  14. I would vote gold as well. That dress is very pretty by the way. A light tan color might look good however I think gold will add so much. Good Luck!