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  1. Hi Hilary! ROR was perfect for us and our group. We had a large group of 45 so we needed a bigger hotel. We didn't want to be tripping over everyone every day. We had a few people that brought their families and wanted it to be a family holiday with our wedding as a bonus so we wanted everyone to have space. Being that the resort and beach are so big we just picked a spot on the beach and that was the meeting point every day. Anyone who wanted company joined us there and anyone who wanted alone time just found beach chairs somewhere else. It worked great for us. The wedding location was bea
  2. I don't want to be a downer but..... We just got home from ROR in January and when we were checking in at the airport to come home we got approached by a girl who saw me with my garment bag for my dress and she asked about our wedding. We had a fab experience, start to finish. She said they had not been so lucky. The resort was not very acommodating, they lost power multiple times through their week and it was for lengthy periods of time. They lost all water for an entire day and when our flight from Montego Bay was delayed 18 hours their hotel would not help out by letting them keep their
  3. We gave out our bags the day we got there. We were the last people to arrive so our Calgary and Vancouver guests had been there a day already. We got there at 3pm so we just headed to the beach and passed out the bags. They had a travel mug (highly recommend those!) small lotion, lip balm with SPF, personalized luggage tags, deck of cards (also highly recommend) small bit of hard candy, and a thank you not for making the trip. My mom made a small drawstring bag for everyroom. We gave one bag per room and filled it for the number of people per room. People LOVED the bags! Good luck with your ba
  4. Hi there. We just got married in January at the ROR and it was great. I found a lot of the things that the website said were not the case. We had a group of 45. After the ceremony right on the beach there was champage for everyone at no cost to us. We chose the beach setting for the ceremony. There is a beach gazebo or a garden gazebo. Garden is a bit of a spectacle and it would be a weird set up for your guests to see the ceremony. I wouldn't recommend it. Beach all the way! The charge for the bar is only if you have a private reception. If you book a dinner in a semi-private setting, dri
  5. We got married with a group of 43 people joining us at the ROR. I have no complaints. We got exactly what we wanted! We loved the resort, the people, the food, drinks, beach, weather, literally everything. I know that nothing negative doesn't help so if I have to find something to comment on here are the minor minor things. Book you appointment with Chandlyn by email prior to getting to the resort. She is hard to find as she is very busy with multiple weddings a day. Not having your appointment holds us what excursions you can do and when just because you know the appointment is coming.
  6. Thanks! We will be there for two weeks so we will be there for your wedding! We are really getting excited now with it so close. Maybe we'll see you there. I can let you know how it goes. Do you have a big group coming with you?
  7. Any ROR brides past or future that can comment on they experience with having their wedding dinner at the Mammee Bay steak house? I made the arrangements without much info on the place and I am stressing a little. I guess I would like to know if anyone used the location for speaches and first dance as well as their dinner location. Was the food good?
  8. Uh oh!! Have you had bad experiences with Chandly already?? I am about to head down to ROR on January 11 for our big day on January 15. I can let you know how it goes. She isn't very helpful with returning emails I have found so far. But she eventually got back to me. I have attened a coupel of destination weddings and been able to attend the bride's meeting with the wedding coordinator for the resort and they went well. My two friends said that they both felt things weren't going well until they actaully got down there and met face to face. But those weddings were also at other resorts! I am
  9. I am a bit last minute here, but our wedding date is January 15, 2009 at the Riu Ocho Rios!!! OMG a month away! Any tips on ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated! Awsome site and the best bride info is posted!
  10. Hi there! This is my first post to the site! Awsome info girls! So I have the steel drum band booked and it is sounding like I need music on a CD still. I had no idea I should bring music of my own! Does any other of the Riu Ocho Rios brides have the steel drum band booked and if so how long did they play for? Did they play while you come down the isle and during and after the ceremony? We are getting married in a month! A little panicked!
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