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  1. So they will let me have a private reception 2nd sitting at Bota Fogo BUT they have indicated the DJ is mandatory. As result it's going to cost - $1700 USD. Did they indicate the same to either of you? This is hugely frustrating as I was planning on bringing my Ipod for the music. Ceremony location -we picked the beach...I realize it's not private but I have my heart set on getting married on the beach.
  2. I was orginally working with Cinythia now Ael has taken over my file. It took Cinythia over a week to respond to my emails. Ael is quicker but it still takes her 3-4 days for a response. From what I've read this is common and most of the details are worked out during the onsite visit. Hope this helps.
  3. We are getting married Feb 11. I have about 40 folks attending. Originally I intended on having our dinner reception at Chillis but was informed that I was not allowed to play any music. So I've requested to change the venue to the Brazilian resturant. I'm hoping they will let me have a private reception even though we don't have 50. I also plan on bringing my Ipod rather than hiring the dj. I'm still waiting for the resort to confirm if they will allow me access to the pa system and microphone. I'll keep you posted. If you have any tips - please let me know. Question -do you think its
  4. I can't open the document...not enough points...would you mind emailing it to aboyal@hotmail.com. Thanks.
  5. Quick question - where did you purchase the plastic luggage tag holders?
  6. Just wanted to thank Morgan for sharing...I've just created my own brochedure. Would never have attempted it without your template. Thanks again, A.
  7. Try ordering your mugs from discountmugs.com. You can order in mutiple of 10's. Tip - call the toll free number - the agent will provide you with suggestions regarding the logo and mug type. Also, they are having a sale - a 10% discount. Hope this helps.
  8. we met online...it easy...no games. Before the end of our first date he asked me out again.
  9. I like the idea of having a private dinner reception. But some of my guests are vegetarian (no meat). Do you think that the Boto Fogo can accommodate this? --thanks for all your help.
  10. Hi there I'm getting married on Feb 11 2009. Initially I booked the disco when I thought that there would be over 80 guests. Now that the numbers are lower I have decided to bring my own IPOD. Hopefully everything will work out!
  11. Hi - I just signed up and was hoping to find some tips. I'm getting married at the RPMR on Feb 11, 2009.
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