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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jennwo We are so excited! name: Jenn & Robbie date: 9/7/09 place: Dreams arriving: 9/2/09 departing: 9/8/09 # of guest: 40ish location: beach Hey Jenn! We'll be there at the same time (we're getting married on 9/6). It's coming up so quick! Katie
  2. ktrose

    Dreams Cabo Hairstylist?

    Thank you so so much Marise!!
  3. ktrose

    Dreams Cabo Hairstylist?

    Hi Tiffany, I am going through the exact same thing right now and don't stress! Considering that we get can get our hair done at the Dreams salon as a part of the package, I'm trying to look through older posts to see if anyone mentions a particular stylist that they liked. If I find anything out about which stylist at the Dreams salon is the best I will let you know! Does anyone have Suzanne Morales' email address? If not I can ask Yarai so that I can contact her regarding her rates and availability. No stress Tiffany, it will work out!! Katie
  4. Thank you for your review Kara! It sounds like you had no complaints, which is awesome. Do you remember which stylist at the Dreams salon did you hair? We're getting the Ultimate package as well and I've read so many bad reviews of other bride's experiences there that I'm nervous! If you can remember I would appreciate it!
  5. ktrose

    Los Cabos~site visit 5/12-5/17

    Thank you so much for your post Melette! We are currently in the process of choosing our menu and it is so helpful to hear your review of the food (as well as everything else)!
  6. Thank you for posting your pictures and giving us your feedback! It is so helpful to see what the overall decor and environment is when making decisions on details... =)
  7. I am a Cabo bride as well! Sept 6, 2009 at Dreams Los Cabos.
  8. ktrose

    New Dreams Los Cabos Bride

    Thanks ladies! I honestly can't spend enough time on here, all of the brides are so helpful. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's ideas and sharing my tips as well!
  9. ktrose

    New Dreams Los Cabos Bride

    Hi ladies! I am new to this site. I'm looking to gain more background information from other brides who will have/have had their wedding at Dreams Los Cabos, Mexico. We are working with Yarai and so far plans are going well! If anyone has feedback on having over 40 guests for the wedding/reception there it would be helpful. I'm trying to mapout the overall costs and food options for that many guests on top of the additional expenses... Thanks!