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  1. I have the Serif Gothic font, however it is a post script font and needs a font manager to use. If you can use that I'd be happy to send it to you. Phthon
  2. Phthon

    Hi All!

    Hi everyone, Thank you all for making me feel so welcome. I felt kind of wierd signing up because I am already married, but you all have welcomed me so nicely! Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Thanks for sharing your fonts! I must confess I am a font addict! —Phthon
  4. Phthon

    Hi All!

    Hi Everyone! My real name is Veronica, I've been married since 1994 and got married in Oregon. I am a graphic designer and I signed up because I need some inspiration. My friend is getting married for a second time and as a gift I told her that I would design her programs, invites, thank yous, etc. I'm not selling anything, nor am I looking for clients. I just want to hear what you all have as ideas. I promise I won't steal them, I just need to get out of my 'creator's block' Thanks for having me!
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