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  1. Here are a few pictures from our wedding a few weeks back...
  2. Andi your photos look great. We were married at Las Caletas about three weeks ago and I already want to go back! I will be doing a review in the next few days and I'm hoping to show you all some unprofessional shots of the wedding. It was so beautiful and I couldn't have asked for anything more.
  3. I leave for Puerto Vallarta in two days. I can't believe I'm getting married this Friday!
  4. I leave for PV in three weeks! I can't believe it is almost my turn! So excited!
  5. Good afternoon LC brides, I'm starting to panic about the details even though I'm 2 months out. Was wondering if I could get some ideas on OOT bags, table cards (i.e. if you had tables numbered, place where there were names with table assignment), table decorations - Do we have to get vases and linens on our own... I appeciate any help I can get on this! Erica
  6. Thanks for the insight ladies! I think we are going to go with the trio instead of the mariachi band. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the upcoming months! Erica
  7. Hey Gals, I have been learning so much from the communication on this Web site. I don't get married until June, but I have accomplished so much. One questions I did have is do you recommend any Web sites to get ideas for cakes and flowers? Also have any of you used the mariachi band? I am highly considering this as it would add so much flavor of Mexico to the wedding. Would love to hear your thoughts and I will be sure to post pictures of what I have so far - at least when I figure out to do that. Thanks! Erica
  8. I would also be interested in hearing other ideas about a Welcome Dinner that can accomodate 65 people. Suggestions anyone?
  9. I'm looking for a photographer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have seen Elizabeth Lloyd's work but she is impossible to get ahold of. And has anyone heard of YSO photography?
  10. riosmccarthy09

    Newbie from the OC

    Hello! I'm Erica and my fiance Ryan and I will be getting married on June 19, 2009 in Puerto Vallarta at Las Caletas. If anyone has any advice please send it my way. Thanks! Erica