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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Shannond4156 One think I know works for me and has been suggested by my trainer is one free day per week. Doesn't work for everyone, but it really helps me stay away from the temptations all week if I know I can indulge one day of the week. I totally agree with that! It does work for me as long as I stick to the one!!! Free day not two or three LOL
  2. Hey guys! Thank you for all your information!! Wow i have my work cut out for me!! LOL Trish- I was totally looking at Philly_brides pictures and where she had her reception. that is to a T of what I was looking for. The pool would be a great topper. I just have to find out the location of it so I can tell the WC. Cheers Jamie
  3. Hey Trish, I am from Vancouver too and I have a few quotes from my travel agent for group rates. rates for Barcelo Maya Palace. 29Nov – one week Single room $2309, double room $1999, triple room $1909, quad room $1869, kids age 2-12 $1449 Maximum occupancy 4 in a room Two weeks - $2939 did you and your FI pay for your nights stay to get the date you want booked?
  4. Hey Danelle, I have changed my location because the Riu Palace didn't have the terrace, or beach reception that i wanted and they haven't been very helpful over the last 2 months. I have been looking into the Barcelo Palace and they offer for 50 people but it just cost a bit more. But they offer the private beach or terrace reception that you had mentioned. And plus they are way!!!! more helpful. they email back within that day! its great! Good luck!
  5. Come on girls I have gained some weight last week too and I have only lost 1 lb this week but don't stress. I know its hard to stick with it but for me being on this site and talking to everyone and hearing about how everyone is doing, gets me excited and want to do better for myself and for the wedding pictures to come LOL So, Keep up the good work Girlies! and don't let your self get down. Just stick with it and it will come!
  6. I think most of us are in the same boat!! LOL FI and I had our first house warming in our new house and too much booze and food dont make for a goot start of the week. Last night I did do a spin class for the first time and boy am I sore today! I hope I haven't gained again this week though. Good luck this week and CONGRATS TRISH for the past week!
  7. Well Done Ladies!!! Week 2-4 is always the hardest so Keep up the good work!!
  8. Hey girls! I was just reading about Chillis and how they didnt let you play music, why? I will be having about 50-60 people coming and I was wanting to rent the place out is that possible? What would be the bestr place to have a reception? I want a ocean view and a private reception with a dance floor and of course music
  9. Well done Girls!! I have been working out all week and not much have changed....I ope I am gaining muscle and thats why not much have changed. How was the Ballys fitness Ashley?
  10. Luvdezi, thank you so much. I didnt think about the wind factor LOL . I think Chillis sounds the best so far. Did you happen to look at any other ones>? I have about 50-60 people attending and it is very important to me to have it private with a dance floor. Is there anything that you can think of that would be well suited for that?
  11. NO luck yet I am still trying to get in contact with them?? What about you?
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