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  1. We just ordered it last weekend from the beachbody web site. It's supposed to be arriving on Monday and I'm so excited to start it! Good luck finding one.
  2. I've attached the 2009 price list as well as the confirmation sheet. weddings_2009.doc Wedding Pictures confirmation sheet.doc
  3. What a beautiful wedding. How much extra did you pay for your flowers? They're awesome!
  4. Congrats and welcome. Good luck with everything
  5. Indigo - thanks for reposting the pics. You looked beautiful and we're all so glad your wedding turned out great.
  6. Congratulations Indigo!! Did you purchase the cocktail hour option, or was that included with your package?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by hmj Our GM (and ushers--7 total) are all getting the Reef Bottle Opener flip flops. The BM are all getting beach cover ups (100 different ways to wear them, I think they're so cool!) and butterfly necklaces (made out of abalone-sold at World Market). The necklaces are in memorium of my friend Meghan who died 5 years ago from cancer. Butterflies have kind of turned into our thing to remember her by. Also I will be getting their jewelry and already bought their shoes. I would love to do more, but actually, the necklaces and cover ups are already $40 and we're broke. If more $ magically turns up closer to the wedding, we will likely be doing a bit more for our wedding party that is doing so much for us. Where did you find the beach cover ups??
  8. Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  9. Your pictures, as well are you, are beautiful. Congratulations!!
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