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  1. For Sale pictures by lmdels - Photobucket lobster trap card box, veils, wrap, shells, candles, vases, etc...... lindadelsignore@comcast.net local pick up in MA
  2. We were all on the Lady Hamilton side of the resort, this is where the honeymoon villas are. Only one couple was put on the wrong side of the resort, and they also had a leaking ceiling. This resort is suppose to be new, but you cold never tell. The fountains in the lobby and the room building were either empty or filled with stagant water just sitting there smelling up the whole building. Believe me I can't believe it either!!! After every pboblem we kept saying this is our honeymoon/wedding, there is nothing WE can do lets just forget and and move on, but problems can't happening!
  3. I'm sorry to freak you guys out, but I wish I had know the condition of the resort and the service of the staff before I booked, I wish so much that I changed resorts, we would have left the resort but we had over 40 guests staying with us and couldn't all move. I felt so bad bringing my guests to this resort, I was so embrassed......we had 19 rooms and everyone of them had a problem!! I didn't even get to spend time with my family and friends because I spent most of the time in the lobbby trying to resolve problem over problem with the front desk, guest relations, and the general manager.
  4. I returned home from the Grand Palladium on Sat and after 10 days there, Sat was the highlight of my trip......going home!!! If you can re book your resort I urge you too......my wedding on May 25th was a disaster!!! Jascynthia didn't "coordinate" anything.....flowers weren't delivered on time.....chairs were uncovered and taken from seated guests minutes after the ceremony.....raw chicken was served......the pool was treated w/ chemicals below us causing people to go into coughing fits.......food took so long guest w/ kids left to go to the buffet.....we were downgraded from the honeymo
  5. Congrats!! So nice to hear you had such a great time!! I can't wait to see pics!!!!!!! How long did the Zurelimaka show last? Did you also have to pay them in cash?? Were you able to do any dancing? Did you do first dance/father-daughter & mother-son dances I'm still undecided on music/entertainment for the reception and my wedding is only 16 days away!!!!!!! ~Linda
  6. Jax1182 - She called me....My travel agent gave her my phone number. I just looked on my cell and this is the number she called me from - 876-633-8900. I think her phone number is on the bottom of her emails too. Good Luck!!
  7. Petals - That sucks!!! You already printed menus to, right? You would think that she would have called you to let you know!!!! I emailed her my menu in Feb. and I just had to email it again because she didn't have it! I forgot to ask her do we get a dessert choice or is the wedding cake the dessert?? Does anyone know? I did find out you can choose the kids meal when you arrive, she basicly said find out what they like best at the restaurants and she can order whatever. (chicken fingers, pizza, burgers and fries, lasanga....etc....) For the centerpieces she said they use the flowers
  8. I finally heard from Jascynthia tonight!!! I think thanks to my Travel Agent!! She called me and emailed me back! Galiagirl - What day is your wedding?? Time is flying!! I still have so much to do!!! Petals - Thanks for the video......I am so excited.......I can't wait to just be there!! What is everbody doing for reception entertainment?? I don't know what to do, I want to just use our ipod, Jascynthia said it would be $150 for 3 hours to use their speakers/microphone, but will that be enough to get people up dancing?? So I'm thinking maybe I should just get the dj??
  9. Petals - What day do you arrive in Jamaica? We get there on the 21st!! I am so excited I will get to see your wedding!!!!!!! I'm glad to know we can set the tables up how we want becasue I really like the big square look, so everyone is together, I hope it works!! For entertainment we are doing the steele drum band at the ceremony and we haven't decided for the reception.......either the dj or an ipod reception.
  10. Hi Petals - I feel like I have so much to do!!! I still have not heard back from Jascynthia!! I did find out the officiants name is Rev. Paul Gallimore, Officiant and the steele drum band's name is Macka’s Band. I'm not sure what I'm doing for centerpieces becasue I haven't gotten a price from Tai Flora yet.......I think your idea of flower petals with the candles that will be on the table sounds like a good idea, I might be doing that too!! I just wanted to find out from Jascynthia what exactly they provide on the tables and how they are set up.
  11. Petal can you believe we are less than a month away!!!! What do you have left to do?? I still have so much to do!!! Time is just flying by!!! I just emailed Jascynthia a list of questions - I hope she gets back to me soon!! I have been talkking with Natalie from Tai Flora for my flowers, after reading these posts I am afraid to get the quote!! I'm sure it is going to crazy $$$$!! ~Turk ~Good Luck and have fun!!!
  12. Snowangels - Congrats!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Honeymoon!!! Thanks for the update! I am still waiting to hear from Jascynthia so I can print my programs!!!!! Does anyone know anything about the cake?? Do we bring pics of what we want or do they just do a standard wedding cake Also if we do an ipod reception and use our own docking station is there a plug available to plug into?? Or is it worth it to rent the speakers and mic?? Tikki_gurl -Good Luck and Have fun!!! Thanks girls!!!
  13. Hi Petals- Have you gotten any info about the ceremony details? I just started working on my programs and I'm not sure what order to put things in? I need to send Jascythina an email to see if she knows the officiants name and the name of the steele drum band etc...... Let me know if you get any info.......I can't believe we will be in Jamaica in less than 2 months!!!!!! I still have so much to do!! Linda
  14. Hi Petals- Have you gotten any info about the ceremony details? I just started working on my programs and I'm not sure what order to put things in? I need to send Jascythina an email to see if she knows the officiants name and the name of the steele drum band etc...... Let me know if you get any info.......I can't believe we will be in Jamaica in less than 2 months!!!!!! I still have so much to do!! Linda
  15. Hi - I am looking for 35 - 40 Rafia fans. If you have any left over or any extras please let me know. Thanks!
  16. Hi girls!!! Thanks for keeping this thread going!!! You all have been so helpful!!! I am also wondering about the casino I emailed Jascynthia my dinner menu choices last night. I told her my photographer is a friend and will be a guest at the wedding so I'm keeing my fingers crossed thats not a problem!!! I also asked her about centerpieces and flower options, so I'll let you all know what she tells me. Does anyone know when do we send our documentation to her her ie. passport, ids, birth cert. Also I never sent a deposit or signed a contract has anyone else Thanks girls!
  17. I think I figured out the pics......... I hope this works!!
  18. Hi girls - I have a few extra OOT beach bags $4.00us each + shipping Also 20 aqua placemats $1.00us each + shipping Please pm me and I will email you pics. Sorry I don't know how to post pics!! Thanks! I think I figured it out............
  19. Congrats Mrs!!! Thanks for the great review and all the info. I am glad you had an amazing day!!! I can't wait to see pics!!!
  20. Hi Chiquita - I you still have them available......I'm in need of some fans too!!! Thanks!
  21. Hi - The Custom Designed Travel/Hangover/First Aid Kits are really cute!! I would love the template!!! :-) Thanks!!
  22. Caroline - Everything looked absolutlely beautiful!!! Congrats!!!!!! Thank you so much for such a great review!!!!! I just booked my wedding at the GPJ and I have been a little nervous about everything!!! Thanks for the reassurance!!!! Just one question - How long were you able to hang around the ceremony location after the ceremony and did the steel drum band play there for the hour? Thanks!!!
  23. Hi - I'm looking for a Mori Lee wedding gown # 2105 in ivory, size 10 - 14 I've checked the preowned websites. Thanks!
  24. Hi All - We just booked!!!!!!! My info: Linda & Dan May 25th, 2009 Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort and Spa in Jamaica 5/21 - 5/30!!!!!!!!
  25. Hi girls - Here is the latest info from Jascynthia (see below) I am attaching the dinner options that are included in the Tropical Package which is one of a la carte restaurants. You will need to choose one of the restaurant menus from which you will then choose one each of the courses ordered to make the set menu for your reception. I have an additional menu to send and will attach it later. Please understand the Blue Lagoon is only used for breakfast and lunch but not for dinner, which is why it is possible to rent it privately for dinner. You will eat their but with the
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