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  1. Hello, We are trying to figure out how PRC will allow us to use our IPOD for music for the beach ceremony, post cocktail party, and dinner/dance on the terrace. We had emailed Perla a few days ago and asked if we needed to bring any cords or wires for the ipod to connect to there sound system. She replied "you will need to rent a sound system"; but we thought this was included? Can anyone from past expereinces or in the know about this IPOD situation at the PRC speak to this? I guess we need to know if we need too bring anything else for the IPOD? We also need to know what exactly the PRC does for people who use IPODs? what the sound system is like and there experince? Thanks, Julia & Ryan We all done; see you there except for this see you there
  2. Hey there, Take a look at the excel spread sheet. I think its only for the duration of the wedding. Some people are flying photographers down there. It may be cheaper since you know what your getting. But it seems Perla and her gang have tapped some pretty good photographers. Cheers, Ryan & Julia
  3. enjoy everyone; i included our invitation as well Amenities List.pdf Photo & Video Wedding Packages.xls Toes in the sand.doc
  4. Thanks Fanny, You have been a great help! i think i sent you my email: rglaves1@cogeco.ca If you could send it to to that; that would be amazing. Regards, Julia & Ryan
  5. Hi Kelly or Robin, Can either of you confirm the 2009 prices and the open bar issue is part of the package or is it seperate $10 pp / hr? Thanks, Ryan & Julia
  6. Hi Freckles, thats a great question. We booked ours last Feburary 2008 for January 2009 at the 2008 rates. We are also curious about this. We talked to Perla and Elisa and requested the Aqua package; we put down the 50% required for deposit to hold the date. Thats where we are now. We have of course traded some emails back and forth but thats merely it. I emailed perla last thursday and i still havent heard from here yet. I shouldn't have to fly down there to talk to her. I know this is probably the busy season but we need answers to our questions. From what Robin has said; you can take of most of this stuff in a hour or 2 planning the ceremony. Were curious about the updated amentities list? photography prices? and if there is a open bar included in the packages for the 5 hours? The Open bar kindof throws me off b/c its an allinclusive resort; therefore our guasts can get free drinks anywhere on the resort. The only thing we would be paying for is maybe a special brand or for the bartenders time? I need someone to explain that one to me. Thanks, Julia & Ryan January 29 2009 PRC
  7. Hi Kelly, This is Julia and Ryan; were also getting married at the Paradisus but on The 29th of January. But we will be there to see your wedding since arrive on the24th. We appreciate all the information that you have given everybody and of course us on this forum. I have some questions for you: We read you comment about the open bar during your reception on the terrance. we also are having our reception on the terrace but we have 35 people coming to our wedding. We also weren't sure if they included the open bar in our package (Aqua); then Perla told us in was $10 pp same as you heard. But i guess from what you learned is that its included in the post ceremony cocktail as well as the 4 hour reception? so in essence it is part of the package they just dont tell you that. can you comfrim or deny that? Its pretty neat how you flew down there to meet with perla. We arent going to do that since we only 35 people coming. What are things that you find are advantageous about meeting Perla face to face and discussin the wedding? Since we will meet her when we arrive there; we will have alot too cover and decide upon? how much time will this take? We are also spending an extra week there for our honeymoon which is nice. Ryan is staying with his boyz the first week; and im staying with my girlz; then we can meet up in the end. I apprecate all your help. Congrats to you both, Thanks, Julia & Ryan
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    Mayan Wedding

    Ryan & Julia Mayan Riviera, Mexico Paradisius Riviera Cancun January 29, 2009