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  1. Last night I did 1 hour of weight training (& plyometrics) and 30 mins of running uphill-intervals-I feel good =)
  2. Hello all! Everyone IS doing great by the looks of it. I'm just getting over a...well, I think it was the flu? Hopefully tonight I can still hit up the gym for an hour of weights and 1/2 hour of cardio...if I have the energy. jkcz0702, how's the wii fit working for you (what kind of exercises do you do on it?)? I've heard so many good/bad things about it. I was planning on getting one, but don't know if it's worth it now?
  3. Wow...what motivation you all have!! I've been going...5 times a week...and 2 yoga/pilates classes ontop of that. I'm tired though...need a few days off for my body to recoup! Anyone know any good songs for downloading onto my ipod (for running)...I really need to get back into running uphill (intervals) on the treadmill...
  4. I'm walking down the aisle to Canon in C done in GUITAR. We're getting married in the Mayan Riviera...so it's very beachy sounding.
  5. ...I also don't mean to crash on your thread...I'm a May Bride (May 1...so pretty close). I've been working out for the last 6 months hard. I've lost a lot of inches (fitting into pants 2 sizes smaller than what I was), and seeing definition in my arms/stomach!!! I eat very clean during the week, and indulge on the weekends into a little vino & snacks. I find the 'eating clean' helps a lot. Eggs, Salad, Chicken, Lots of Water and Green tea are a staple for me. I've been doing 5 days a week at the gym, and two yoga/pilates classes ontop of that. The 5 days of work out are the 'Winning by Losing' work out. If anyone has ever heard of it, it's great. It's an hour of weights/cardio mixed together. You can buy the book at any book store...the girl that wrote it is the really fit girl from 'The Biggest Loser' show. That is my 'secret'. Everyone at work has been asking me how I do it...it's that book! A work out partner helps a lot too...they motivate you to get your butt to the gym!! Keep going ladies!...it's a hard battle...but it's worth it in the end!
  6. Thanks, looking forward to reading more on BDW!!
  7. I booked with Lidya Solemidt. I really like the photos and we chose package #5 for $1,300. With her cost of getting to the Mayan Riviera from Cancun, and a couple extra pictures...it'll be around $2,000. Good luck if you haven't found anyone!
  8. BarceloBride


    Hi, My name is Ashley. I'm getting Married at the Barcelo Tropical Resort in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico...on May 1, 2009. Everything is booked. I've been reading some posts on this site, with many people saying the 'wedding coordinators' at the resorts take forever to return emails. I've gone through that too. Sometimes it takes two weeks for them to respond to emails!! I would recommend to anyone going down there without a photographer-to book your own. That way you know you'll have the photos you want rather than showing up and the 'hotel photographer' not showing up to the wedding. I originally thought the hotel provides this service, but was wrong...and only two weeks ago I booked my photographer. Most photographers book a year in advance, so I was panicing...but finally found a lady that does great work!! -If anyone has any advice for me...please let me know! Thanks, looking forward to reading more of your posts!!
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