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  1. Thanks so much! Question did you make your own programs or have them made? I want to do them myself but I don't know where to get cute paper/ribbon. Let me know thanks! lindsey
  2. Hi Julia! Your wedding looked amazing! You looked so beautiful. Congrats! I am getting married at Las Caletas on 2/28/2009 so not too much longer. I loved the two songs are your slideshow. Can you tell me who sings those and the song names? Thanks! Congrats again! Lindsey
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Actually you are in luck...we haven't ordered anything yet. I sort of got distracted with other things and forgot about the cups...oops! how many would you be interested in? or here is the better question...does everyone else who wanted some previously still want some? OMG Girls I have been really bad and not been on here in a while! Things have gotten crazy here and I have only a little over a month to go! I would love to get in on the cups if I can. I would need about 70? Is there still room to get in? Also would they be here in time. I leave for LC on Feb 24th. Let me know and I would be happy to get in on it. Another question I have is about the hairstylist that they use that cost $220 I think that's alot but I am also thinking it might just be worth it. Did any of you girls use him? Would it be worth it? Lindsey
  4. Hey Andi- I am also getting the maracas but I am getting them from a girl in PV that does custom paint/designs on them. The ones that LC can get for you are also nice. Question though are you doing 1 per person or 2? I am still undecided on that I was just wondering other peoples thoughts...... -Lindsey p.s. can anyone tell me the trick to uploading a pic to your profile? I keep trying and it says upload failed.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by jweekley Hey guys! I need some help...or something... I searched for a related thread but had trouble finding one so I'm posting on the trusty LC thread. My fiance and I are putting the deposit down today for our Nov. 7-09 wedding at Las Caletas (if we can get in touch with Nicole...she's a busy girl). After getting off the phone with my mom today I discovered that she's really, really upset that we're planning a wedding in Mexico. With the economy as horrendously ugly as it is right now she doesn't think that anyone will be able to show up and that we will end up being heartbroken over paying a lot of money for less than 10 guests. So..because she's my mother..she has put serious doubts in my mind. How many people showed up for you? What price do people consider acceptable for travel and airfare packages? Ugh. This is so frustrating. We haven't been able to get travel details hammered out yet because agents are telling us that airlines don't release flights until 11 months prior to the travel date. I know that the main focus shouldn't be about the wedding (blahblah) but the marriage but I am really stressed out. Go figure, a stressed out bride to be. Any suggestions? Hi There! Well I know how you feel it's tough since the economy is bad right now. One of my bridesmaids doesn't think she will be agle to make it to my wedding in February now which I am fine with, I want her there but I know it's expensive so you just have to roll with it.But I agree with everyone else that if Mexico is really where you want to get married then you should do it no matter what, with that said you will have to be comfortable with the fact that not as many people could come. In the end it's about you and your fiance so just remember that.
  6. Hi! Thanks so much Congrats to you and your wedding! I am still really confused on how this whole thing works but it is so great to see other LC brides! I have been going crazy trying to make decisions now that it is getting close so this nice to have some people that can relate. Are you using the photographer that the company uses or are you guys bringing your own? I am really trying to decide that now........
  7. ps. Does anyone know much about the new photographer that they have hired? I am not sure about it.
  8. Hi Everyone, These pics look amazing. I am getting married at Las Caletas 2/28/2009 it is coming up so fast! It is so nice to see everyone's pics it makes me feel a lot better. I am new to this so I still am unsure of how to do things on here. My coordinator is Kelley and she has been great. I am just now starting to hammer out all the details and I am having such a hard time with colors and things like that. But seeing everyones pics helps!
  9. Hi! I am so excited that I have joined only wished I would have known about this sooner. I am new to this so it may take me a while to figure everything out! My Name is Lindsey I am getting married 2/28/2009 in at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I am so excited to see that there are so many others that have gotten married there and can share tips and information!
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