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  1. My TA is giving me a 50$ credit for each room booked through her. I thought that was great till my friends and family started booking though online websites without calling her to price match. It is so much easier for my TA to coordinate everything like transfers, rehersal dinner reservations and so on. I was also going to use what i saw as free money to pay for excersions for guests as a gift. Not sure what to do now. Maybe the guests who played by the rules (my family) will get the excersions gifts and the people who did not (my FI family) will not hahahaha
  2. Well its nice to see it was a one man crazed lunitic and not an act of terrorism. My friends at work couldn't believe I was not freaking out over this. I told them I am going and whoever wants to come can come. I can't wait to see if prices start to go down. This might be a good thing for us that have parties that are booking soon. Everything happens for a reason......
  3. Well ladies everything happens in 3's. I had a feeling there would be one more disaster. First the gang wars, than the swine flu, now this. Hopefuly this is one time thing like I am sure it is. I can't wait to get all the phone calls from my family and friends. I am getting married in January so I am sure this will be blown over by than. I am just hoping it is not a rough hurricane season in Cancun. I thought that was going to be number 3---never would have guessed a hijacking. UUUGGGHHHHH
  4. Zappos is really good. I am also going with the orange shoes. I am using the Juice Coutre Starfish flip-flop. I am going to use as much orange I can in the flowers and cake and center pieces. I think it will look great.
  5. dolphin

    Post your 4th of July menu here

    Best onion dip ever----I think its from Racheal Ray. Its sooo much better than the lipton onion dip. Its easy too. One large Vadallia Onion Chop in medium pieces and put a little olive oil in a pan. Slowly cook down with a little salt and pepper, until almost burnt. Constantly scrape bottom of pan. Add container of Breakstones Sour Cream. Amazing---this is a huge hit wherever I go.
  6. Jacklyn.. I love that one too. When I saw it on the cover of the magazine I fell in love. I wanted to get something fun and bright. I was gonna get it in case my wedding dress gets ruined during photos. I love the beach photos with the bride and groom laying on the sand and in the water. So I wanted to get something just in case.....
  7. I choose Dreams Cancun I have been to Cancun and the Riviera Maya.... Dreams Cancun is close to the airport and you don't have to drive through a town. I wanted a reasonable all-inclusive. The food is better than any all-inclusive I have been too The staff is really really friendly
  8. I was originally supposed to get married June 2009, but I was being too nice and made sure that I was accomidating everyone. Needless to say some people could not come. I decieded on January 2010 and did not ask anyone and sent out the invitations. It was a lot less stressful. You can't accomidate everyone, just plan ahead in enough time for people to get off of work.
  9. I have been to Cancun at least 10 times and everytime it is very windy. I was a big NO veil person till I went to pick out my dress. I had to buy the veil it looks so cute. The final piece to the puzzle. I deceided to not wear the veil for the ceremony but I will put it on for photos. Good Luck
  10. Great thread. Is anyone considering wearing a real flower. I am wondering if the resorts that do weddings a lot have them in the salon. Maybe I will get a fake one to bring too---they are sooo pretty.
  11. Thank you so much for the review. Everytime I see the pictures by the lighthouse I get so excited. I am getting married there in Jan 2010 and can't wait to get that photo and hang it in my new home.
  12. Wow you did a really great job. I was looking for a place to get married for a while and I went to Dreams and fell in love. I didn't have high expectations cause of the reasonable price, but I was really impressed. The food was so much better than any other all-inclusive I have been too. The staff is sooo nice and the location is the best in Cancun. I am getting married there in Jan 2010. Has anyone heard anything about golfing down there for the men maybe for the day before. I would love to surprise my FI with a day trip golfing?
  13. Good for you. You are going to have a great time. I heard something on the news today which said exactly what you said. It put so much into perspective about how many people in the US and Mexico die from any kind of flu if not treated, especially if you live in poverty. Good luck, congratulations and have fun.
  14. I have been to Cancun so many times and it is always sooo windy. So I deceided NO veil. Well I just ordered my dress and seeing it with the veil on, guess what I got the veil. I am not going to wear it for the ceremony, but I will wear it for photos.
  15. dolphin

    How did you decide?

    I would have loved to go to Cabo or PV, but because I live in NY I had to choose Cancun. In this economy I don't think my family would be willing to travel that far. Also if you are inviting kids the flights to Cancun might be a little too long. Those are the things that swayed my decision. Good Luck.