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  1. There you go... not sure what happened witht he copy/paste of the other!
  2. Cabo San Lucas Spa Resorts - Villa Del Palmar Cabo San Lucas - Villa Del Palmar Los Cabos | Villa Group Resorts
  3. Oops, I forgot to include the resort website: http://www.villagroupresorts.com/res...mar-los-cabos/
  4. Hi Girls, I haven't been as active as I would have liked to be on this forum, but have used it for a lot of ideas and advice. After our wedding, I will post my templates, reviews, and photos. I'm using a lot of different and new vendors, so it will hopefully give some more ideas and options to you all! We are getting married in Cabo on Medano beach in 3 weeks! We overbooked rooms through our timeshare and have extras! Perfect for revisiting where you got married or an inexpensive scouting trip! These are Studio Suites at Villa del Palmar, right on the beach! They are either 2 doubles or 1 queen plus a sofabed. The price INCLUDES all taxes and fees. $350 flat rate. Dates are not flexible: Saturday 8/15-Saturday 8/22. You don't have to stay the whole time, but the price is $350 regardless. We have 5 rooms available, so maybe you'd want to get a group together for a quick end of summer inexpensive vacation?! Let me know, Katy email: kmrokasy@gmail.com
  5. I've been searching for a Cabo map to put on my invites. I just want something general...not too detailed. Ideally I want to put my own text boxes on it, but plain would be best! Any thoughts? I though some of you may have put them on your pre-wedding brochures, invites, info, etc...? Thanks!
  6. I don't know the particular post you are talking about, but I'm actually wearing a Maggie dress called Kadence. See link below. Try to find it in person, though! The dress has a dramatic slit up the left leg that totally makes it! Kadence - by Maggie Sottero
  7. I'm a Maggie bride, too! I went with the Kadence, but in Ivory. It doesn't show it in the picture, but it has a slit up the left side to about mid thigh. I like to call it "build in air-conditioning!". The way the fabric pools, it isn't overtly sexy, but JUST enough! I found it at a local Seattle store callled I Do Bridal. It isn't fancy, but the girls are quick, sweet, and know their stuff. I was a no-frills kind of dress-buyer... so it was perfect for me! Kadence - by Maggie Sottero
  8. Great planning! I love the bouquets, and really like the who's who guide! I've been doing that through my website, but might steal this idea so those who haven't stalked the website like me will know the other guests! Have a great time!
  9. KatyR

    Villa Del Arco Brides?

    Maybe this is a Cabo/Mexico thing.... I've been having a lot of problems with Casa Dorada's responsiveness (or lack thereof!). I have a friend who speaks fluent Spanish, and is very direct and organized. I actually had her call and talk to him, to make sure that the language barrier wasn't the problem. It seems to have gotten better since, so if you have any friends (or you) that are fluent give that a try!
  10. KatyR

    Any input on the Casa Dorada?

    Hey Girls, I'm planning on getting married at CD. We own a timeshare there as well. Although we have seen it complete, we did not stay there the last time we went to Cabo. It's a beautiful resort, and still not too big. It has a quaint feeling to me, still. I just received some info from the "wedding coordinator" and I'm not quite sure if it includes everything I want it to. I'm considering hiring a coordinator that has more experience in the area and that I'm a bit more confident in. I think this is a great way to share info and we can all help each other and hopefully save some time along the way. Thank you for all the input!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by nsmile78 Hello, I am a Cabo bride. March 29,2009 at Casa Dorada Hi there, We're planning on getting married at CD, too.... but their responsiveness has been unimpressive! Has the planning process gone okay so far?
  12. User Name: KatyR Name: Katy and Mike Location: Casa Dorada on Medano Beach Wedding: September 2, 2009 (we think... not quite booked yet) This is a new resort, so if anyone has any good advice about it, or warnings, let me know! __________________
  13. I'm SOOO with you on the no-stress wedding planning! Who has time for that? I want this to be about preparing for our marriage, not one day! In fact, when people ask if they are invited to the wedding, we say no, you are invited to a party! Congrats and I hope this site it helpful to us all!
  14. KatyR

    Cabo bound, 9-2-09

    Hi everyone, My name is Katy and I JUST got engaged last weekend to the love of my life. We've been together for three years and he picked the perfect timing, location, etc. to pop the question. We are non traditional and can't wait to take our friends and family on a trip to our favorite vacation spot, Cabo! We plan to marry in Summer 09 in Cabo San Lucas at a new hotel, where we already own a timeshare. It's a beautiful, vibrant resort on Medano Beach. It is totally "us" and I can't wait to plan the event. We think this will be the most special location that we will remember always. Thank you for hosting and participating in this site. I hope to gain and give advice as I proceed towards the aisle...and attempt to maintain my sanity along the way. Looking forward to meeting you along the way, Katy