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  1. Excellent condition set of sheer organza fuchsia tablecloths/overlays & chair sashes: -5 square tablecloths (size: 88″ x 88″, color: fuchsia) -39 chair sashes/ribbons (size: 8″ x 108″, color: fuchsia) Part of these items were used one time at our wedding & other portions were never even opened. All pieces are in flawless condition – no holes, rips/tears, fraying, etc. All in Excellent Condition! *Smoke-free home* PRICE: $45
  2. Allison wow congrats girl! Courtney was my destination wedding photographer in Jamaica and omg she was amazing I didn't even know how beautiful my pictures would turn out and she did such a wonderful job she's one of the best out there that I've ever seen! I just want to say that you are one lucky girl and Courtney is such a sweetheart I think your wedding just went up a notch after winning this contest I'm not even joking congrats!
  3. I just wanted to say yay Court for joining the BDW Forum which I used forever and ever while planning my wedding! Courtney was my destination wedding photographer and those pics that she posted in her introduction are of my husband and me at our destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica! Courtney & Michael are the most amazing photographers we could have ever asked for and they were some of the sweetest people we had the pleasure of meeting Vas & I truly wanted to thank you guys for everything you have done for us and for how sweet and kind you are, you helped make our wedding trul
  4. Hi PhillyBride09 I'm getting married next week in Jamaica and we leave this Sunday but my parents leave next Tuesday & I'd love to take 4 of your 5 table number holders (not the broken one though) since we only have 4 tables total. Can you do that please, it would mean the world to me, we've been looking for good table number holders & are a week away from the wedding and still haven't found them and these are absolutely perfect! Would you be able to ship them to me right away so they come this week, I would seriously appreciate it more than you know!
  5. I vote for #1 because it seems to be more flattering for your figure and looks better on you overall, that's what counts more than what's beachy and what's not, that you look the best is more important and i think #1 truly makes you look beautiful
  6. My wedding is June 18th (very soon!) & I'd love to participate and borrow someone's starfish for my wedding and then pass it on to the next bride! Who would be able to pass it on to me?
  7. Hi! I was really interested in the wedding sandals and the David's Bridal shoes (what size are those btw)? Do you still happen to have those? Thanks P.S. I sent you a PM but it said you can't receive any more because your limit is full but would you please respond to me on here about the shoes if possible asap?
  8. The only problem with that is that my bridesmaids all live in diff states and I most likely won't see them till the wedding in Jamaica lol so that might be an issue with fit either way
  9. If you happen to have any links for any Ebay sellers that you could recommend please share them with us we'd all really appreciate it definitely! Thank you very much!
  10. Do you remember which seller you used and how did you get the letters on the actual tanks themselves since I've never done it before I was just curious )
  11. Hello Everyone I was just researching online and was wondering if you guys can suggest places that I can look to find some really affordable "bridesmaid" tank tops and clothing as well as "bride" clothing & accessories to wear for getting ready and just around the wedding week. Absolutely any help would be appreciate and the more suggestions the better so that everyone who is also looking can benefit form this thread! Thank you very much!
  12. Hi Everyone We're getting married at the Sandals Negril Resort in Negril, Jamaica on June 18th, 2009. We're going to be staying at Sandals that week from June 14th-June 21st and then we want to switch over the other side of the island for our honeymoon for another week which will be June 21st-June 28th. We've done a lot of research and have talked to our travel agent and have narrowed it down to 2 resorts but cannot seem to decide between the two! We're looking at Couples San Souci & Royal Plantation for our honeymoon week. Any help at all and feedback would be greatly appreciat
  13. Mylee84, I've been looking for the same thing actually! I was wondering if anyone knows where we both can get one? )
  14. I am very interested in the dress for my TTD but I would need the size 0 and would need to pay something less than what you paid for it, how long would you be willing to go?
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