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  1. Hi Sarah, we are cancelled as well. We ended up going to Dreams Tulum and so far have been treated really nicely. I was also super impressed with Secrets Maroma, but the price went up on me before I could book. GOOD LUCK!
  2. Well, I guess I'm definitely glad they cancelled our honeymoon! We would not have fit in! haha I do wish they had been more forthcoming, not so mysterious. It was quite angst-ful waiting to hear. We did get a full refund and are now booked for Dreams Tulum. Good Luck!
  3. Hi guys! After being dumped by Blue Tulum (they are closing/reopening with a new concept after 4/15) I was pleased my fiance found Secrets Maroma Beach. I am feeling pretty excited! Keep the reports coming - I have a good feeling about the resort. J
  4. Well, it's official, we have been fired from Blue Tulum. Email follows: Dear Ms. Mattingly: I want to send you my best Regards from Cancún, at the same time I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in spending your honeymoon at BlueTulum, checking the status of your reservation I noticed that the dates are From April 27 to May 3, 2009, unfortunately, the new administration is confirming reservations till April 15, 2009 when a new concept of the hotel will be launched, reservations before and till April 15, 2009 are being accepted with any problem as the hotel remains the same and we are even improving the quality of the facilities and services, however, we can not accept reservations after that date. We are so sorry for the inconvenience but it is important to notify you this decision today, December 6th, 4 months before your arrival in that way you will have plenty of time to find another wonderful property for such an important event… please let me know if I can help you in any way.. and once again,,, please accept our sincere apologies. Cordially, Patricia Landero Sales & Marketing Tel fax 998 880 78 48 Cel: 99 88 74 14 31 Cancun México www.bluetulum.com.mx sales2.bluetulum@grupodc.com.mx Mejor que nunca… Better than ever… So, I am in the process of negotiating a refund via Orbitz. Sigh. Any suggestions on plan b? Julie
  5. Hmm, I feel your ambivalence, Claudette. On the one hand, I think Blue Tulum would be the most intimate, posh place for a wedding - like your own little villa or town...on the flip side I know how much anxiety I have - and it's just my honeymoon - and am not sure I could live with the drama of not knowing how it's going to shake out. I did call the resort today, also, and the reservationist assured me "no no no problems, we will have new pictures, new web site, there is a new owner, no reason for worry, everything is fine". I guess I'll just call each month to check things out. I am still suspicious of the 4/15 timeline, why is that the magic day? If the resort will be the same, why no weddings after that date? Claudette, I appreciate so much that you are sharing information with us. Please keep me updated with news you receive and what you decide to do about your destination. Best - Julie
  6. I have these phone numbers to share, if you need them: (+52) 984 871 10 05 52-984-871-1000
  7. Claudette, did you find a working phone number? If so would you please share with me? thanks - Julie
  8. Ok OK Ok we are all freaking out together. The good news is...we're together in this. I have read the past couple of weeks that Eurostars is out...now the resort is just Blue Tulum. I was ok with that, but share your concern re cancelling weddings. Sarah, your wedding is early April, right? And you have not heard anything? Claudette, you have reservations already booked? Did she say you could still stay there, just no wedding? Our honeymoon is 4/27 to 5/3 and we have heard nothing - yet. You bet your boots I'll be calling tomorrow. Also on the upside, Expedia is still offering the resort on its website, which is sort of encouraging; I mean if the place was closing down it wouldn't be offered, right? Orbitz dumped the resort (and Dreams) when the drama began earlier this year. Lets stay in touch - and hang in there, this is all going to work out.
  9. That would be fantastic! I agree with the intimacy factor - one of the reasons we chose Blue Tulum was that it isn't a mega resort. I enjoy having someone else who's staying there at/around the same time and feel so much better knowing we're not alone! LOL
  10. Hi Sarah...I read that they would scale back to 44 rooms, but hadn't heard they had done so already. I did get a nice email from someone on tripadvisor who was there just a couple of weeks ago. I am posting the email below, and the full review is on tripadvisor: The reports that the hotel was closed was a tremendous concern for the wedding that we were attending (we actually booked our trip 10 days before the wedding because we heard that it was closed). We heard no comments about the hotel closing and amenities were definitely not reduced. There are three restaurants and they were all open while we were there and there was absolutely no construction (or signs of construction) anywhere. I am starting to think that people are confusing the Eurostars Blue Tulum (the hotel in my review) with another hotel in the area called Blue. There were some comments on TripAdvisor about room safes being broken into with master keys..but the Eurostars Blue used guest-selected codes..no keys whatsoever.Good Luck and enjoy your honeymoon. On Nov 20, 2008, at 06:44 AM blazn7s wrote: Hi! Thanks for the detailed review, I found it very helpful. We are reserved for our honeymoon 4/2009 at Blue Tulum and I've been very concerned over reports that the resort was closing, or reducing amenities. Did you find restaurants closed? Was there construction during your stay? Did you hear anything regarding the changes? Any news is very much appreciated; as you can imagine, we have high expectations for our Big Trip. :-) Thanks for your time. Julie
  11. blazn7s

    What is your wedding diet?

    YES Living in Sin carries the penance of weight gain! haha I have gained 40 lbs since we moved in together. I make him dinner all the time - good stuff I would have never made for just me - pork chops, taters, gravy etc. So the challenge now is to make leaner choices for myself and satisfying stuff for him. BUT I want to look good for him, the wedding, and most importantly - myself. So...game on!
  12. blazn7s

    best shoes for nurses?

    P.S. Danskos are an expensive investment, if you're not sure she'll like them. Maybe have her wear whatever you buy her around the house for a few days.
  13. blazn7s

    best shoes for nurses?

    Hi there, I am an ICU RN, work 12 hour nights...Danskos made my feet cry (with pain) by end of shift - but those who love them, love them. I love Keen - they make my feet cry with JOY :-) And they are cute. Merrells are good, too. Crocs are comfy, but no support (IMHO) and some places won't let you wear them because of the holes (goo gets in them, ugh). Good luck to you and your sis! J
  14. Sarah, P.S. If they are closing that many rooms, that may be all they need to do to be in compliance with the original permit. It seems I read something to the effect that BT's major violation was too many rooms. We can hope.
  15. I am so glad to have someone to talk to this about. Blue Tulum comes so, so highly recommended; we jumped on the package we got for our honeymoon. Although we aren't having our ceremony there, I still feel anxiety over whether our "perfect romantic honeymoon" will be a disaster - like if we get there and there is no resort. Grace, the reservations person I've spoken with, assured me if the resort is not the same quality/amenities we are expecting as we approach our arrival, Blue Tulum will refund our money and suggest another resort. She has also offered to send pix via email closer to our arrival date so I can see how things look. I am afraid I'll have to choose to either wait it out or cancel, and at this juncture, we are commited to waiting it out because we both want to go there so badly! :-) Sticky situation. Please do keep me apprised of any news/communication you have and I will do the same. Sarah, I seem to recall your wedding is in April or May, is that correct? How many guests will you have? Our trip will be 4/27 - 5/3. Julie