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    Newbie- Lacy wedding in New York City October 2010

    Hi Lacy, just one more "welcome to the forum" for ya'!
  2. Zelo Photography

    Definition of a Destination?

    Cool to hear everyone's take on this. Thanks!
  3. Zelo Photography

    Hello from Zelo Photography!

    es mas bueno?
  4. Zelo Photography

    Hello from Zelo Photography!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host welcome to BDW.. please be sure to read the vendor rules (since you already are breaking the siggy rule) http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t921 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t29013 fixing.....
  5. Zelo Photography

    Definition of a Destination?

    *Casey*, I love your engagement photo! How long have you lived in NYC? My wife and I visited last October and can't wait to visit again. Check out this NYC short film I made (using only Super8 movie film)
  6. Zelo Photography

    Maui October 2009

    Maui? Lucky!!! My wife and I have been wanting to go and do the huge bike ride someday (hopefully sooner than later) Welcome to the forum!
  7. Zelo Photography

    January 2010 Bride ... location, somewhere amazing

    Ice Castle?? I just looked it up and that place is incredible! I say you go for it (and have us shoot it, of course!) Welcome to the forum! I'm having fun here so far, I'm sure you will too!
  8. Zelo Photography

    Hello from Zelo Photography!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jess Hi Seth - welcome! I live in Carlsbad - neighbors! Oh, so you're close enough to come and have a photography meeting with us, awesome! Have you're people call my people Thanks for the welcome's so far. You all don't waste any time to say hi. Much appreciated!
  9. I just wanted to get all of your thoughts on exactly what is a destination wedding? For example, do you think a destination wedding means having the wedding at one of the exotic places like Puerto Vallarta, Hawaii, etc? Or do you think it's simply having your wedding at a destination other than the city in which you currently live? That thought just crossed my mind and I thought I'd see what some of you had to say
  10. Zelo Photography

    Hello from Zelo Photography!

    Hi everybody! My name is Seth Mondragon and my wife Desiree and I make up the dynamic duo, Zelo Photography. We're based in Vista, CA, just on the very edge of Carlsbad. We're moving right along into our 3rd year of photographing weddings (had been doing videography for 9 years prior). As we continue to do what we love we've decided we'd like to do it of town as well! So I thought I'd jump in here and learn more about what's involved with the overall planning of a destination wedding. Then who knows, maybe we'll be offering some free photography soon We look forward to spending what will probably be "too much" time on this forum See you inside! Seth & Desiree Mondragon Zelo Photography site: Zelo Photography blog: ZeloPhotoBlog