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  1. I was just talking about this with my brother and I was wondering if the tradition of the bride's father/family paying for the wedding still rings true for most people? What's your guys' take?
  2. Barefoot is so romantic to me! I say do it. Plus sand in your shoes is super uncomfortable...for everyone.
  3. WSUGal, thanks a ton for the info. Specifics like getting around with golf carts are exactly what I need. Jess, thanks! i didn't know there was a search function. I thought there might be some other posts but wasn't sure how to access them.
  4. Thanks for the info. My dad suggested I get married on a cruise but it seems like it would be really expensive. Maybe he just meant to rent a yacht for the day. Hmm........now there's an idea!
  5. Yeah I don't think it's true. She wouldn't leave Hef after she's invested so much time into him. That fortune is soooo hers I wonder if Bridget and Kendra are going to be able to make it without the show!
  6. Awesome! I've heard of doing a house rental instead of hotel. Great idea for just a reception. I might consider it!
  7. Hello all! Has anyone ever been to or heard anything about Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach? Would it be a good place to have a wedding? It's kind of more in my price range than some other Cabo resorts. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  8. Hi I'm Melanie and I don't have a date set...YET! We want to get married in a year or so, but hey it's never too early to start planning right? I'm pretty much just looking for ideas and inspiration. Thinking about a destination wedding in Cabo! Wooo!
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